Apologizing to a colleague at the office

Published Date 3/11/2013
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Apologizing to a colleague at the office

How many times have you found yourself in a position where you're regretting the last thing you said to someone? These instances don't just happen at home - they can occur at the office, too. If you recently slipped up and offended a coworker, there are a few ways you can smooth over the situation.

CNN.com recommends starting by owning up to your actions immediately. Without doing so, you won't be able to ask for forgiveness from the individual. When talking through the issue, make sure to directly address what the problem was - this will let the person know that you understand why he or she is offended.

Once you acknowledge your wrong-doing, you can explain that you're sorry. It's important to keep in mind that the person might not immediately accept your apology - be patient as he or she allows your apology to soak in.

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