Abundance and Prosperity Podcast Step 2: Believe by Psychic Seraphina

Date 1/30/2023
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Now it’s time to retrain your mind, change your belief system, and get one step closer to a wealthier, more prosperous life. In the second step of the Abundance and Prosperity series Psychic Advisor Seraphina walks you through a meditation experience that helps strengthen your belief in your ability to have everything that you want.

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By Psychic Seraphina x9023
Every single issue in a person’s life can have roots in subconscious beliefs, which is why reprogramming the subconscious mind can completely change your life if you’re able to achieve it. Beliefs are important because your behavior depends on your beliefs. Everything you do can be traced back to your belief system.

For this series, think about what you believe about money. Did you get your beliefs from your parents or those around you? What is the root of limiting beliefs for you? 

In This Podcast

This guided meditation helps you to change your beliefs about money in order to manifest abundance, wealth, and prosperity in your life. A strong belief in the lack of money is a likely reason that you don’t have the money you desire! When you believe that there isn’t enough money to go around, you could be separating yourself from having more of it.

Another key to having a better belief about money is to have an abundance mindset as opposed to a poverty mindset. This can completely change your life. If you change what you believe to be true, it makes it more likely to be true in reality.

Powerful Words
Be aware of how you talk to yourself. How many times do you use “could have”, “would have”, and “should have”?  These phrases deal with the past, giving power to the things you feel you failed at. They remind you of what lack in your life; the chances you should have, would have, or could have taken. Be mindful when using these words and take them out of your vocabulary!

The belief in abundance is the most important if you want to manifest it in your life because it’s at the core of your mind and soul. If you can’t believe in abundance for yourself then how can the universe believe it for you?

A belief is only a pattern of thought in your mind. You have the ability to change limiting beliefs! Once you have truly mastered the belief that you can have what you want, move to step three of this series to prepare yourself to receive it!

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Bushgirl: This girl amazing everything she says is beyond thank you seraphina.

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