7 Tips for Dealing With Toxic People in the Workplace

Published Date 6/30/2015
Category: Career & Finances

Are you a victim of toxic coworkers? You can get through it!

You work a full-time job, and the demand to get results places immense amounts of stress on you. However, adding a toxic coworker into the mix pushes your stress levels through the roof. The one thing you can control is how to deal with coworkers who are toxic while remaining professional about it. Here are seven ways to keep these people from getting the best of you.

Set Boundaries

You will not get any work done and will become stressed if you have to deal with someone who is constantly stirring up gossip or who comes to your desk to complain about everything. When you encounter this person, calmly but firmly state that you do not engage in those kinds of conversations, and that you have to get back to work. 

Talk it Over With Someone Close to You

Even after setting boundaries, there's a chance that the problematic person will disregard them. It's good to talk to someone you can trust, such as a spouse, close friend, or an online psychic. Talking to someone who isn't a part of your workplace can shed some light on the situation and can help you relax by allowing you to vent your frustrations. 

Look at the Big Picture

You can feel like there's no reason for someone's intolerable behavior, however, this is rarely the case. If the individual is going through personal problems or facing a toxic situation of their own, they could be lashing out at others as a means to cope. Take this as a learning experience; you can learn what not to do in similar situations if you have drama crop up in your life. 

Keep Your Distance

You can't concentrate on your work if you hear constant gossip from your coworkers. If they're chatting near your desk, take a break and go outside or to the lobby. Stepping away from the situation helps to keep you from getting involved and lowers your stress levels. 

Think of Tactful Solutions

It's hard to simply ignore a coworker who meddles in your personal life or makes backhanded remarks whenever they speak to you. Make a list of tactful things you can say when you're confronted by your coworker, so you aren't caught off guard when they approach you.

Focus on Positive Thoughts

When you're caught up in a swirl of toxicity in the workplace, the negative emotions that come with it can easily become a part of your daily thinking. This negativity can affect your family and friends outside work if you're not careful! Keep a list of positive affirmations to say, and read them first thing in the morning or whenever you need a pick-me-up. If you have trouble coming up with affirmations on your own, speaking to a phone psychic can provide you with inspiration. 

Stay Healthy

Stress levels that don't remain in check can lead to many health issues, so make sure you take care of yourself. Yoga is a good way to release stress through slowing your heart rate down, which results in a calmer state. Or, if you need to work up a sweat, take up jogging or an athletic sport.

These are but a few of the many ways you can cope with toxic coworkers. It can be difficult dealing with someone who is mean or bossy, but these tips will help you keep your mind at ease and your body relaxed.

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