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Published Date 8/16/2013
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No one should hold you back!

As fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons set off to fight WWII, women stepped into the gap to sustain our economy and keep families fed in their absence. This set off a worldwide trend of women breaking the stereotype of "woman's work" or "man's work," but the glass ceiling remains. Only recently have we made our way into boardrooms at top companies like Texaco and Hewlett-Packard. Still, most women don't achieve rank and a paycheck as quickly as men. What can we do?

1. Find Out Who Gets the Promotions

Want to move up? Find out who is moving up, and why. Every company sets their own priorities when promoting. Does your organization value long working hours? Perhaps they reward higher levels of education.

Maybe they're looking for people who are willing to take on extra assignments. Whatever they're looking, find out what it is, and become that next candidate for a promotion.

2. Let Your Boss Know Your Intentions

According to human resources professionals, many women never move up because they never ask to. Women work hard, but generally do it quietly without many demands.

Perhaps your superiors aren't aware you're interested in taking on more responsibility. Schedule a meeting with your boss, explain your goals, and make sure she understands you're serious about moving forward within the company.

3. Ask What Skills You Need to Advance

While you're meeting with your boss, find out what skills and training you need to progress. Take advantage of employee enrichment programs, seminars, and other learning opportunities whenever you can.

When promotions are up for grabs, they'll likely go to the employees who participate in the training and skill building programs the company offers.

4. Set Lofty Goals

Put your goals in writing. Don't just sit and dream about what you want, construct solid steps to get there. Share your goals with your superiors, and let them know you're willing to put in the effort to achieve them.

Most companies will reward employees who want to better themselves and the company over those who are only out to get what they can and take it to a competitor.

5. Reach Out to Others in the Organization

Are you involved with other people in different departments? Often, promotions go to employees who have a working knowledge of the company as a whole, not just their little piece of it.

Find out how the other departments work, who's in charge, what their needs are, and how your department can work better together with them. This is the sign of a foresighted employee ready to advance.

6. Expand Your Horizons

Your connections outside work are also important. Assemble a network of professionals in your industry. These outside connections are excellent sources for industry information to keep you on top of your game.

If you're the one who gives your boss the heads up on new regulations or changes in the industry, you prove your value to the organization. If it turns out you don't have advancement potential at your current job, these resources can help you find a company which will appreciate your ambition and skills.

Women no longer have to serve in support positions. Plenty of top companies are promoting women, and paying them what they're truly worth.

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