6 Things to Know if You're Unhappy with our Price Increase by Jessica C.

Published Date 9/12/2013
Category: Career & Finances

You don't have to break the bank to get a good psychic reading.

“Like the earth under your feet, a price is supported by the value the customer perceives in the product or service to which the price is attached.”

That being said, of course a price increase is frustrating for customers. But before you run for the hills, consider the following:

What goes into bringing you the best psychics?

Psychic Source puts an immense amount of time and effort into connecting you with the most talented psychics. You’ve heard this, but do you really know what goes into it? 

1. We have a well-educated, on-call 24/7 customer care team. Some psychic services have customer service that is only available via email. Others are not available 24/7. We’re putting the extra time and money into making sure you have help at ANY time.

2. We also have a tight-knit group of service delivery employees whose job is to work directly with the psychics. The service delivery team puts every psychic through a series of rigorous interviews. They’re also required to receive readings before a psychic is considered for employment. Some competitors merely allow psychics to “sign up.”

3. Our marketing team works hard to get promotions, deals, and sales to you constantly. The team personally edits and publishes informative and entertaining articles written by our psychics, and strategically plans ways to improve your customer experience. Every email, complaint, and suggestion is read by customer care and marketing. 

4. Members of development and creative services work hard each week to improve our website performance. They make things run faster and look a whole lot nicer. We can thank them for the implementation of psychic chat!

5. Not to mention, we have an in-house IT team who fixes every technical issue at the drop of a hat. 

6. Your privacy is always guaranteed. Psychics are not permitted to contact you personally via social media, phone, snail mail, telegram, smoke signals, or anything else. We take your anonymity very serious.

And that doesn’t even cover everything. So we ask, before you switch to another psychic service solely for a cheaper rate, consider the quality you’re compromising. We respect the relationships our customers have built with our psychics. 

To continue providing this type of value, it’s inherent that we keep up with economic trends and the rise in cost of living. We hope our customers understand the need to maintain a balance between having the most competitive prices and affording the best quality we can provide.

By Jessica C., Web Content Associate, Psychic Source

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PsychicSource: Hi hopefulheart, We're glad that our Advisors were able to help you on a daily basis. While your situation may not have turned out the way you had wished, we hope our Advisors were able to provide you with the strength and wisdom you needed at that time. Best wishes.

hopefulheart: I am with you, koverstreet. I too spent thousands of dollars to keep my hope alive and while it helps to deal with daily depression, in the end you are end up with no money and hope. He doesn't want you back. :-(

PsychicSource: Hi Koverstreet, We appreciate your honesty in commenting about your experiences. It’s wonderful that your favorite Advisors have accurately tuned into past and present circumstances and delivered valuable insight and guidance. We’re sorry that future predictions have not been consistent for you, and that our price increase has negatively impacted your decision to use the service. Regarding predictions about specific timelines, please keep in mind that our everyday choices (and how others react to them) impact our future and how it will unfold. Most importantly, we’re extremely happy that you have found faith in yourself. The best psychic advice is meant to help each individual learn to help and empower themselves. We wish you the best and thank you again for putting faith in our Advisors.

kmarieo: I have my favorite Advisors with PS and have spent thousands of dollars in the past year. Unfortunately, while I love my favorites, none of the predictions have come true. While I have had extremely accurate readings as to past and present (and some poor ones when looking for someone to connect with), with respect to my personal situation and outcome, timelines have changed from last fall to now to after the first of the year. I had decided to cancel my membership because of the continuing depression and anxiety this has caused, and I realized I needed to have faith in me and help myself. It is with regret that due to the price increase, again, I will not be continuing my membership in the near future.

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