5 Ways to Know if You're on the Right Life Path

Published Date 3/7/2018
Category: Career & Finances

The right college major sets you up for satisfaction.

Choosing a college major that will start you on your career path is no small matter. The right choice could lead you to a lifelong career that you’ll love, but there’s always the nagging worry that the wrong one will land you with a job you quickly lose interest in. These wise indicators will let you know you’re on the right path.

You’ve Tried and Enjoyed the Classes

In most colleges, you have till the end of your sophomore year to declare a major. You don’t need to know what you want to do with your life when you first set foot on campus as a freshman. Take a few classes in the areas that you’re considering and see how you feel once you’re thoroughly immersed in that subject. The glamor of entrepreneurship may fade after fighting your way through a finance course, but you could discover a passion for writing in another class.

Your Major Lines Up with Your Strengths

Identify the areas that you’re best at and look for a career that lines up with those. This isn’t always as clear-cut as being good at math or English. Your strength may be your empathy or perseverance. Speaking with a live psychic can give you some insight into your unique talents and how they can best serve both yourself and others.

It Leads to a Good Career

It’s not enough to love history if you have no idea what you’ll do with your knowledge. Consider careers in your field and make sure there are at least a few options that you’re satisfied with. Many majors lend themselves to a range of careers, such as business or hospitality. Others are more focused, like a law or medical degree.

You’re Inspired by Your Future Work Environment

If you can’t stand sitting in a small room all day, don’t choose a career that will land you in an office. Make sure the environment that you’ll spend 40 hours a week in is one that you feel invigorated and inspired by. If you love the outdoors, find a career in conservation or park management that will keep you there. If you’re happiest in the lab, science is an ideal option for your major.

You’re Satisfied With the Pay in Your Field

Money isn’t everything, but it’s crucial that you think about the type of life you’ll lead in your future career. It’s no secret that some fields pay more than others. Do some soul searching and perhaps consult with an online psychic to honestly analyze how important your salary is and what amount you need to maintain the lifestyle you’re most comfortable with. Some people are happy to live in a studio apartment for a job they love while others would rather put in some overtime for a designer wardrobe. Both choices are equally valid.

Getting to know yourself and your ultimate hopes for the future will help you make sure that you’re on the best possible path. 


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