5 Ways To Deal With A Lazy Co-worker

Published Date 11/8/2013
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5 Ways To Deal With A Lazy Coworker

Through tips from our phone psychics, you may have finally landed your dream job, but what if you aren't keen on all of your colleagues? Getting the position was tough enough, and you won't be out of the woods until you learn to deal with your co-workers.

It seems as though every workplace has that one lazy co-worker who slacks off, creating more work for everyone else. What do you do if you're being negatively impacted by your colleague? Take the following tips into consideration.

1. Talk To Your Boss

No one wants to be a tattle-tale, but if it's having a large effect on your level of productivity, you may want to mention it to your boss. Don't hesitate to contact our psychic line if you're concerned about doing so - our talented psychics can give you a better idea of your boss' stance on the situation beforehand.

2. Don't Cover It Up

Maybe you've been working overtime to make up for your lazy co-worker's mistakes. If this is the case, the Orlando Sentinel recommended letting go - allow your colleague's tasks to go unfinished. This can encourage him or her to take responsibility for his or her actions.

3. Stay Focused

When your fellow co-worker is giggling about a website or making jokes with other people around you, Forbes magazine stated that it helps to be focused. This means ignoring your colleague as he or she procrastinates - don't let the distractions hold you back from being productive. This can put you in a better position to excel at your job.

4. Maintain Your Attitude

Perhaps you may want to be more laid-back if you notice how your lazier colleague acts in the workplace. Don't let him or her rub off on you - try to maintain your sense of self and overall attitude as time goes on. Additionally, you should put forth an effort to stay confident in your own abilities to be a productive member of your team.

5. Forget About Fairness

Don't get caught up in what's "fair" in the workplace. It can be challenging to do so when you see your lazy colleague goofing around, but it's best to focus on your own responsibilities. Concerning yourself with fairness isn't a productive way to handle the situation. Instead, try to be who you want to be and uphold your own reputation in the workplace.


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