5 Simple Ways to Clear Negative Energy in the Work Place by Psychic Angelica

Published Date 9/28/2018
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Try holding a meeting outside to help clear negative energy at work.

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Negative energy can come in the form of people, work stress and even from within. Here are five quick, yet effective practices that you can incorporate into your life when work challenges arise. 

1. Plant Therapy
Living plants help lift and elevate a mood while adding fresh energy to a space. Plants naturally purify the air around them, so think what they can do for energy. Fresh flowers also add a beautiful sparkle to any room. Pick your favorite plant or flower arrangement and let the magic begin.  Just don’t forget to keep them watered! 

2. Black Tourmaline Crystal
Tourmaline crystals absorb bad energy. Put one on your desk or windowsill. Visualize the crystal absorbing all the toxic energy and releasing positive white light back into the area. You can also carry one in your pocket or purse.

3. Cypress Essential Oil
Essential oils clear negative energy in your mind, personal space, office and your home. I use Cypress oil to purify surrounding energies while uplifting vibrational frequencies. Cypress oil leaves you feeling grounded and secure. It can be used in different way depending on the situation. Place a drop on your wrists, rub them together and breathe in the oil as a great way to get immediate results. Do this during the day when you feel any tension rising.

4. Nature
If possible, step outside of the office and clear your head. Breathe in the fresh air, look up into the sky and connect with what is real, nurturing and beautiful, Mother Earth.  Hold an outdoor meeting once in a while if possible, or even just 5-10 minutes walking around outdoors on a meal break will do wonders for you! 

5. Sea Salt
Sea Salt discreetly placed around you and your desk is a powerful absorber of negative energy. As you sprinkle some around your work area ask the Angels to bless and purify you and your surroundings.

Remember - Where light is, darkness cannot enter. So rather than absorbing the projections of dark energy into yourself, silently and mentally, radiate light and love outward.

Blessings and gratitude, 

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