5 Easy Steps To Reduce Job Stress

Published Date 1/24/2014
Category: Career & Finances

Try These 5 Easy Steps To Reduce Job Stress

Whether you've just received a promotion at your company or you're feeling unmotivated to tackle a growing pile of job-related tasks, you need to take a look at the issues that are causing you stress in the workplace.

For those who are climbing the corporate ladder, there's typically more prestige and a larger paycheck as benefits. But there's also bound to be more anxiety when your responsibilities increase. If the new workload is more than you expected and you weren't properly prepared for the additional work, you could be headed for burn-out.

The problem is the same for people who've been doing the same job for a lengthy period of time. For them, there's nothing worse than arriving at the office in the morning and finding they can't concentrate or they're not motivated enough to get through their daily tasks. Before they know it, they're suffering from greater stress because they fell far behind in their work.

Focus On Stress-Busters

Keeping job stress in check is the first order of business. Not only will it have an effect on your ability to handle your workload, but if you're a candidate for job burn-out, it may rekindle your interest in your job. Another benefit is a better work-life balance so that problems in the workplace don't spill over to your personal life. Here are five steps you can take to reduce stress and increase your energy level.

There's a reason why breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day. Starting out each day with a nutritious breakfast not only has health benefits, but it will keep your energy level high until your lunch break rolls around. Between meals, stay away from empty-calorie, sugary treats and stick to fresh fruit or protein-filled snacks.

Try removing diversions from your work station. Distracting items like desk games or magazines draw your attention and break your concentration. Keep only those materials you need for the project at hand on your desk while you're working. Other items just remind you of what you're not getting done. 

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Spend some of your break time taking a quick walk around the block instead of remaining sedentary with co-workers in the coffee room. Take the stairs instead of the elevator to get the blood pumping and your brain firing on all pistons. Getting exercise and fresh air can do wonders to restore your energy level.

At the end of the workday, try relaxation exercises at home, such as meditation or visualization. Sitting in a quiet area of your home for about 15 minutes each day will help you enjoy your down time from the office, but also improve your decision-making so that you're better equipped to take on job responsibilities the next day.


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