4 Ways You Can Save Money While Unemployed

Published Date 5/23/2013
Category: Career & Finances

4 Ways You Can Save Money While Unemployed

In the event that you lose your job, you might be devastated at the prospect of not being able to provide for your family. Unemployment can bring about a series of emotions, ranging from depression to anger, all of which can negatively impact your relationship. When you're let go, you might feel like you're failing your spouse and other people who rely on you.

However, the fact of the matter is that there's always an opportunity to get back on the horse. In the meantime, it's up to you to maintain your finances until you find a new job. With your spouse, sit down and figure out your expenses now that you're no longer employed. Together, you can come up with a solution for how to get by until you find that silver lining in the clouds. In addition, consider taking advantage of the following tips to pinch pennies and continue to put cash toward savings.

1. Be mindful of energy costs
By turning your thermostat down about 15 degrees during the winter (and 15 degrees up in the summer), you can reduce the amount of energy you use throughout the year, according to The Nest. This can result in big household savings over time, not to mention you'll be reducing the impact of your carbon footprint!

2. Focus on debt
Paying off your debt sooner rather than later can help you relieve expenses in the long-run, according to Real Simple magazine. See what credit cards or loans you can pay off to eliminate monthly payments that might become a burden while you're unemployed. If you can't find an easy way to handle your debt, Forbes magazine recommends consulting a debt consolidation company for advice along the way.

3. Clip coupons
Now is the perfect time to be stingy! Get out the scissors and start clipping coupons that can save you big bucks while you're at the grocery store. While it might seem like you're only sparing yourself a few dimes, these coupons can quickly add up.

4. See where you can cut back
Some of your leisurely services might have to go once you're unemployed, but chances are you might not even miss them. For instance, how often do you get to sit down and actually watch movies that you rent? Do you really use all of the minutes on your cell phone contract? Discovery recommends taking a few moments to see which of these expenses can be axed to save you more money each month. You might be surprised at how many goods and services don't actually get used!

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