4 Ways To Begin Moving Up The Career Ladder

Published Date 8/19/2013
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4 Ways To Begin Moving Up The Career Ladder

There's nothing quite like landing the job of your dreams, but there are many factors that can keep this from happening. A down economy and a lack of opportunities at your current place of employment can stop you from achieving your goals. However, there's no reason why you can't start taking matters into your own hands and working toward a better position in the future.

Whether you want to stay with your current employer or you want to move up the career ladder with a different company, there are several ways you can do so. Some might take time and patience, but starting now can help you reach your objective sooner. Here are some tips for climbing up the career ladder and feeling more fulfilled on a regular basis.

1. Tell Everyone About Your Achievements

Perhaps you haven't moved up in your company because no one realizes how much work you put into your position. For this reason, the Federal Times recommended making it more obvious when you reach a goal or do something largely positive for your employer. Tell your boss or spread the word to your coworkers - sure, it's a little self-centered, but if you deserve the pat on the back, it's well worth it! Additionally, doing so can help you get noticed by the higher-ups at the business.

2. Make Healthy Connections

Praising your colleagues and bosses won't get you very far, according to the Chicago Tribune, and most people will see right through your facade. For this reason, it's better to reach out to people on a more personal level. For instance, think about asking your boss out for lunch or seeing how his or her family is doing. This shows that you genuinely care and you aren't just trying to get attention for all the wrong reasons.

3. Create A Plan

Forbes magazine recommended coming up with a game plan before you decide you're going to make an effort to improve your career. Having a plan in mind for how you want to go about moving up the career ladder can come in handy. It'll lead you along the way and remind you of what you need to be doing daily to reach your goals. Not to mention, a strategy can also help you avoid making critical mistakes along the way.

4. Volunteer

Taking on new projects can be time-consuming, but doing it can help you improve your reputation around the office, according to The Ladders. Do so whenever the opportunities come up and try to be helpful in general in the workplace. Over time, your boss is sure to notice your efforts!

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