4 Ways to Avoid Impulse Buys While Holiday Shopping

Published Date 11/25/2013
Category: Career & Finances

Avoiding impulse buys while holiday shopping

When you're shopping for holiday gifts for your loved ones, it can be tough to fight off the urge to buy something for yourself. After all, you worked hard this holiday season, right?

While impulse buys might seem great at the time, they can quickly sink your bank account. There are a few ways you can quell your cravings for presents by taking a couple of tips into consideration.

1. Try to carry only cash with you when you're shopping. This will prevent you from charging purchases and racking up debt. Think of it as putting a limit on yourself and only spending what you have. You're not going to blow your money on something unneeded if it should be allocated to someone's gift.

2. Bankrate.com recommends making a gift list and sticking to it while you're at the store. Doing so can keep you focused and prevent you from spending unnecessary amounts of cash.

3. Go shopping with someone who will keep you in line. Whether it's your significant other, a frugal friend, or your controlling mother-in-law, your wallet will thank you for it later. Having someone to hold you accountable for your responsibilities might seem annoying, but it's definitely worth the money you'll save.

4. Speak to your psychic if you need a little encouragement along the way. A phone psychic reading can let you know how your efforts will pay off if you stick with your self-made rules. Knowing your wallet will be full after Christmas might be all you need to stay motivated!

5. Treat yourself to a planned purchase. To quell impulse spending, reward yourself with something small. You might think this is counterproductive, but in reality, allowing yourself a small reward for all your hard work will keep you from feeling the need to splurge when it really counts.

Happy holidays and good luck shopping!


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