4 Simple Steps to Enjoy Your Career Transition

Published Date 3/31/2016
Category: Career & Finances

Being a Mom has trained you for many, many jobs!

Many mature individuals currently feel dissatisfied with their long-time jobs and careers. The more motivated ones can move that energy from frustration into satisfaction via these four uncomplicated yet potent steps.

1) Inner Passion – Get in Touch with It!
Yes, you DO know what makes your heart sing! If it’s been buried by a 9-5 grind for decades such that the melody is faint, then get quiet. Listen to your heart. Literally. Plug your ears, and you’ll hear your heartbeat instead of the distractions in your environment. That’s your rhythm. Feel it. 
Your uniquely passionate life purpose thrives within that rhythm. Identify it, then as you explore marketable options connected to the activities that make your heart sing again, the lightness of being and sense of eagerness to take that next step into manifestation will propel you into your new direction.

2) Build Excitement!
Now that you’re in touch with that feeling, take inspired action. Each time you prepare to explore a new option, give yourself a pep talk, listen to inspiring music, have someone who truly knows and cares for you reflect your most powerfully positive traits. Then, in that frame of mind, make those phone calls, send those emails, and as you inquire into your new options, build that same excitement before you hit, “Send,” to infuse your inquiries with your newfound passion. Make it fun!

3) Bridge the Gap.
While you explore options, general or specific, assess your transferable skills. What tools do you already have up your sleeve that lend well to your new career desire? For example, our psychic advisors frequently hear from women, “I don’t work. I’ve been a stay at home mom for over 10 years.” Ladies, please!

“Mother” is the most important job title on the planet!

As a Mom, you have an acute awareness of your physical surroundings, an ability to mediate astoundingly strange situations requiring advanced verbal communication skills, an ability to remain calm under pressure, a super-human mastery of multi-tasking, the ability to swiftly groom multiple living beings in time for them to scoot out the door on the way to their daily educational experiences, as well as your own unique talents! These are all marketable, transferable skills. Take a look at what you’ve been doing and likely feeling taken for granted about with the eyes of a marketing consultant or personnel director. Explore!

4) Last but not Least – CELEBRATE!
Be proud of your newfound passion, externally as well, meaning with your friends. Even with just one or two close confidants whom you trust if you’re in the early stages of development, feeling protective of your new ideas. Form your support team, starting with your friends, family, neighbors, etc. Marketing experts call this a “mastermind group.” Who better to reflect the mastery of your mind than those who know you best? 

You, yes YOU, have hidden talents that will lead you joyously into your next phase of life. Your Psychic Adviser is prepared to support your journey of discovery and manifestation if you so desire.

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