3 Ways To Curb The Costs Of Moving

Published Date 6/22/2013
Category: Career & Finances

3 Ways To Curb The Costs Of Moving

After months of living apart from your significant other, you may both be ready to relocate and eliminate the distance from your relationship. However, moving can be costly, especially if you need to relocate thousands of miles away from your current home. Here are some tips on how to ensure that this move doesn't put a big damper on your finances.

1. Don't Pay For Boxes

Moving companies may offer boxes to you for a small fee, but it's easy to find them for free, according to MSN. See if your local grocery stores or big box stores have extra boxes that they're giving away.

2. Only Take What You Need

Taking what you need and purging is critical to saving money. Get rid of items you don't have use for anymore to reduce the number of goods you need to transport.

3. Be Flexible

Bankrate recommended being flexible with your time frame as you work with a moving company. Moving in June as opposed to waiting until September, for instance, can save you money.

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