3 Steps to Eliminating Failure by Psychic Luke

Published Date 2/24/2016
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Every failure is a chance for future success.

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Eliminating failure is as simple as readjusting your expectations.

In 1991, a group of researchers began an experiment known as Biosphere 2 with the goal of learning if the Earth’s biosphere could be reproduced in an enclosed dome for future colonization of other planets. I recall the news coverage as we watched them close the hatch and seal themselves inside. It was a frenzied media event. It wasn’t long though before the system ran into problems, and it had to be opened several times, and two years later the first experiment ended.

Everyone from the media to stand-up comedians were mocking the experiment as a failure. But was it? The goal, as I pointed out was to learn. Since the goal was to learn, in that regard, Biosphere was a success! 

If we go into anything, with a preconceived idea of how it will work out, and it doesn’t work out as we expect, we often consider that a failure. Worse, we often give up and say “I can’t do it", and give up. Whether it’s a new relationship, a career change, or attempting to make a dream a reality, it’s never a failure if we learn from it and use what we learn.

Every experience, good or not so good, is a learning experience. 

Every personal relationship, regardless of how intimate it is or how long it lasts, is an opportunity for growth.

I am happy to share my 3 Steps Towards Eliminating Failure:

Step 1: Readjust Your Expectations.
Having a goal is fantastic. Expecting to reach a goal without setbacks or without readjusting is unreasonable. In short, expect the unexpected, to lessen the impact when things don’t go as planned. 

Also be cautious of other people’s expectations about your goals. The media behind the Biosphere 2 set the public’s expectations of what the project was to be, which in turn incited criticism of the project, when it didn’t turn out as we, the public, expected, we called it a failure. Share your dreams and goals with only those that will be supportive. 

Step 2: Learn What We Could Have Done Differently.
What we commonly call “failure” is part of the process, the steps if you will, to success. There can be no success without setbacks, it’s through the setbacks that we learn the keys to succeeding at anything. As long as we accept and embrace the challenges, then failure does not exist. 

Step 3: Remain Persistent.
“Failure” is a reaction. There is success or there is giving up. The reality is, there is no such thing as failure, there are only results we didn’t plan for. As long as we continue to readjust to the results we didn’t expect, and continue seeking what our heart desires, then we are succeeding. 

I accept that in the end, there will be dreams and goals I didn‘t have time to accomplish, but I know I‘ll be able to say it was quite an adventure, something those that gave up can never say. 

The Biosphere 2 still exists to this day, and it is successfully allowing researchers to learn. Just as the successes and the setbacks of the program have allowed us to learn many things that will benefit us long into the future, the successes and setbacks we experience in life will benefit us well into our future.

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