3 Signs That You're Working Too Hard

Published Date 4/29/2013
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3 Signs That You're Working Too Hard

Have you found yourself frequently feeling burnt out after a long day at work? While this might be acceptable once in a while when you have a project to catch up on, it shouldn't be the norm. However, many people often find themselves working extra hours at the office, whether it's out of necessity or a desire to get ahead. If you're one of these individuals, you might be putting a strain on your marriage as well as other familial relationships.

Pushing yourself in your career can leave you feeling worn down at the end of the day. This means more irritability and less time for activities such as having sex with your partner and bonding with your kids. How do you know if you're doing too much for your job? Here are three key signs that it might be time to slow down.

1. You're missing out on important events
If your husband is noticing your lack of commitment to familial events and ones that are specifically important to him, you might be creating tension in your relationship. Making more time for work instead of friends and family can quickly drive a wedge between you and your loved ones. Even skipping your nightly family dinner can cause negativity in your household. Think twice before you say no to your family and yes to another company project.

2. You feel pain
Whether you have an office job or you have a long commute to contend with each day, Discovery claims that you might start to suffer from physical pain due to your career. Stress is a known cause of muscle tension, which can be difficult to get rid of if you aren't giving yourself an opportunity to rest and relax. Take your health into consideration before throwing yourself into another 10-hour day at the office.

3. You aren't performing well
If you're spending a large amount of time at the office but the quality of your work is suffering, the Harvard Business Review claims that it may be in your best interests to take a breather. Research has shown that you're more likely to get a creative spark when you give your brain an opportunity to rest. If you're the type of person who constantly has to be on the move, this might be difficult for you to do. However, examining the benefits of taking a break may be able to motivate you to do so for the sake of your productivity.

If you think that your career may be negatively affecting your marriage and relationships with friends, it isn't too late to turn the situation around. AOL recommends reassessing your priorities to help you establish a work-life balance.

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