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Psychic Mediums: Finding Hope Beyond Grief by Psychic Raquel

Date 6/3/2024
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Who Can I Speak to About Grief?  

Loss is a part of life. When the inevitable happens and we find ourselves in the aftermath of losing a loved one, what can we do? There are a number of debates on how to cope with grief and loss. One common misconception is that the pain of loss can be flipped like a switch from on to off. But the truth is there is no simple solution. Grief is an individual journey. Everyone processes the stages of grief differently. In this article, we will delve deep into the world of Mediumship and how working with a trusted psychic medium can help personalize the process and possibly help you in finding hope beyond grief.

Before we start into the intimate details of a few deeply personal and beautiful stories, I would like to break down the definition of a medium and how mediumship can help you process your grief. 

Souls on a Journey

Psychic Medium Definition 

The formal definition of a psychic medium is a person who can communicate with the dead. There are many variations of how psychic mediums communicate with our dearly departed. Empathic mediums, like myself, translate emotion and can feel the physical pain of how a person passed in order to establish validation. Messages are transmitted through an emotional vibration that can be translated into words and phrases the deceased may have commonly used or into the form of a message.

Clairvoyant mediums see the person and can describe their looks and their mannerisms. This type of medium can also convey messages based on the person’s physical actions. Evidential mediums can clarify names, dates, locations, and very specific details in the way of validation for the person seeking solace. When it comes to the different varieties of mediums, clairaudience is normally a factor in all forms of communication. A clairaudient is a person that can audibly hear messages from spirit. 

What to Expect from Psychic Medium Readings 

As a medium, I understand the nature of loss. I understand the emotion that is conveyed from both the sitter and the spirit. Their connection does not diminish because of the lack of physical form. When you enter the session, we understand that you are suffering and are in need of the feeling that your loved one is not gone. Words unsaid and regret may fill your grief and may impede you from moving from one stage to the next.

Be patient with the Medium as they establish a connection. Make sure to confirm the Medium's findings, so they know they are on the right path with the right energy. These confirmations, along with validation, provide a great road map to getting you the right answers. Please note that this is an emotional experience for everyone involved and tears are to be expected. Grieving can leave us feeling raw and delicate. Being open to the experience leads to an easier connection and provides you with the best possible outcome.

Be aware that you may not connect with the person you are trying to reach. Some spirits are quieter than others. Please try not to let that deter you from trying again. Speaking with a psychic medium online through chat, video or over the phone is a great way to explore your options of finding the right fit for your support. 

A Medium’s Experience 

I would like to share three unique grief journey experiences it has been my honor to be a part of. The names have been changed to honor the client's privacy. 

 A mourning widow


Andrea and Tim had a second chance at love. Starting over together after both surviving difficult past relationships had seemed like a dream come true. Having children from a previous marriage, Andrea found a natural father figure with Tim. Life was brighter when they were together as a family.

One afternoon, Tim and Andrea were cooking together in the kitchen. Tim turned to Andrea and said, “something is not right.” Right there in their forever home kitchen, Tim fell to the floor. An abdominal aortic aneurysm had immediately taken his life. There was no time for goodbye, no time for one last I love you, and no chance of him surviving. She frantically called 9-1-1, collapsed beside her Tim, and begged him not to leave. When the paramedics arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene. Andrea had lost the love of her life.  

Almost immediately following his death, Andrea began to notice odd things happening in her home. Strange noises were coming from the master bedroom. Dresser drawers seemed to open on their own, disembodied footsteps with a familiar step could be heard down the hallway, and the back door would open and close on its own with no other living soul in the house. Andrea’s children were grown and out of the house. What was happening in her home? It was at this moment that Andrea decided to consult with a psychic medium. 

When I first spoke with Andrea, she was skeptical, grieving, and in no way willing to be messed with. She was worried I was a charlatan, just there to feed her comforting lies and take her money. But she was curious. Andrea was straight forward and in no mood to have her time wasted. She told me she had lost her husband and felt like she had nowhere else to turn for the answers to what was happening in her home. Andrea was also secretly hopeful she would be able to speak with her beloved Tim.

I felt Tim immediately. A stubborn, protective man entered my office. He said, “I always told her I loved her, even when she was being a pain in my ass.” His directness and his delivery were clear. I stated his message verbatim. She fell silent. Had I offended her? She then stated, "That’s him. That’s my Tim."

After the shock of the initial validation wore off, we then proceeded to talk about her journey into the grieving process of losing her partner. She was angry and confused. He promised to never abandon her. And here she was, living alone. It was at this point when I injected and pointed out how loud Tim had been around the house. He keeps opening and closing the back door, slamming the dresser drawer and stomping down the hallway. She had not brought those activities to my attention yet. I carefully reminded her that he was there. Making his presence known. She was not abandoned. She was not alone. He was there the whole time. 

As we continued to meet and discuss her healing progress, I was able to gain her trust and help her get her life back on track. There were moments where she lost all hope and was digging at the bottom of the barrel for any scrap of joy that had escaped her life. Even though we are states apart, I held her through those coursing negative vibrations and breathed life and hope back into her heart.

Over the course of 2 years, she progressed through the major steps of grief. On the 1st anniversary, she asked why it was harder that day than the day he died. I explained that the first year is the "numb" year, the second is the year of acceptance. It is the harder of the two in most cases. I still continue to speak with Tim to this day. He is still critical of my grilling skills and jokes around with me when I am technically inept. We have created a lasting bond through this hard task of not just Andrea’s grief, but Tim’s as well. 
 A mourning mother


Melody was a mother of a very talented young man named David. He was handsome, smart, a dedicated friend, and a talented songwriter. David was attending school in the city, had his own small apartment, and was about to record an album. Even though David had suffered from anxiety and depression, his undying optimism always helped him maintain a positive attitude and find a way through.

One morning, David did not attend a morning class. This was uncharacteristic for David and sparked worry among his peers. One of David’s friends called him to inquire about his whereabouts. When multiple calls went unanswered, a wellness check was requested. Once inside David’s small apartment, the reason he was missing became clear. They found David's body slumped on his bed. He had died from an overdose. 

Melody was rocked by the grief of the loss of her son. The questions that surrounded his death pounded at her head. Was this suicide? Was this an accident? Where did he get the drugs from? So many unanswered questions paused her progress in trying to start the healing process. Losing a child is one of life’s worst tragedies. The pain that is felt leaves a mother feeling inconsolable. The one undeniable truth was that she needed answers. She needed to know whether his death was intentional or not. 

When I first spoke with Melody, she was understandably full of grief. She felt the guilt of a mother who was unable to protect her child. She was unsure where to start, so I let David lead the conversation. I felt his presence—and his undeniable grief and sadness.  

He spoke clearly and loudly, trying so hard to console his mother for the pain he felt he caused. The emotion was intense when he said, “I didn’t mean to do it!” This was not a suicide. This was an accident. Dealing with a bout of debilitating depression, he wanted something to take the edge off. A friend had recommended getting a street drug that would calm his nerves. Unbeknownst to him, the pill he purchased contained Fentanyl. This drug, unfortunately, has become more prevalent in street narcotics. When I identified this drug to Melody, I was able to validate my claim that I was communicating with David.

After the validation portion of the reading concluded and his cause of death was sorted out, we were able to work on a plan for her to cope with her newfound grief. We had uncorked the bottle, and now had a direction in which we could let the process flow forward. It was a great relief to Melody that the cause of death was fully revealed beyond the ME’s report. There, in her moment of understanding, she finally felt she had a handle on what was next to come.

For the next several months, we worked together in conjunction with David, to keep Melody as grounded as possible. Through her grief, she was able to work with her son's fellow musicians to put David’s existing work out into the world. Melody found a way to keep David’s spirit alive and well in the tangible realm.   

(If you feel suicidal or struggling with substance abuse, please contact support by dialing 988. If you are struggling with depression or anxiety, please seek help from groups like NAMI or a mental health professional.)

 A grieving young widow and child


Alex and Ebony hit it off from the start. From the minute they met, they couldn’t wait to start the rest of their lives together. Alex was a bit older than Ebony, but he was her guy, and he felt like the king of the world with Ebony. They quickly got engaged, married and were pregnant with their first child. Eager to settle into family life, Alex took on a couple more shifts at work to make sure he had enough to provide for his family.

One night, Ebony was busy nesting. She was 8 months into her pregnancy and the baby would be arriving soon. Alex did not return home from work that night. Nor would he ever. Alex was found murdered outside a convenience store. 

Ebony, sitting in disbelief, didn’t know where to turn. She had spoken to family, detectives, friends and was struggling to find solace in her grief. One of her friends had spoken to me in the past and had referred her to me. Almost hesitating on the phone, she asked, “Can you really speak to the dead?”  I assured her that I was here for her, and yes, I indeed can communicate with the departed.

She didn’t say much after that, so I started straight away by speaking to her grandmother. She had brought her husband, who was in such a state, he had no idea what was going on. I told her that there was an impact at the back of his head, and everything went silent. I informed her that he said there were, "multiple people involved", and that this had been a personal assault, about money.

“How do you know this?” she inquired. I said softly that it was my job to secure this information to validate my claim. I then asked when her baby was due. She wept heavily on the other end of the line. 

A month later, Ebony gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She was the spitting image of her father. But this happiness was shattered by the confusion of grief. How could she handle all this on her own? Being a first-time mother and a widow in such a short period of time left her exhausted and distressed.

Together, we devised a plan to help her manage her stages of grief. Anger had set in pretty early on. So we let her feel it, work through it, and helped calm the emotion. The stress of handling an infant and an ongoing investigation was a nightmare. Luckily, her mother and sister were available to help her along with her in-laws. She finally accepted help and realized she was not alone.  

A few months into her journey, she called to ask me about her husband’s whereabouts. I told her that he rarely left her side. I asked if her baby was focused on one corner of the bedroom. I felt she would laugh and smile at an unseen visitor. She confirmed my vision and felt she already knew that it was him, communicating with his child from the other side of the veil.

I conveyed the message of love and the guilt he felt in his physical absence. She was comforted with these messages. As the month moved on, she felt more comfortable in her new role and felt stronger than she had felt in a long time. She has every faith that he is there, watching over the two of them, forever captivated with the love he has for his family. 


Utilizing a Psychic Medium for Loss 

The stories above are prime examples of how working with a trusted psychic medium can assist in the grieving process. Not only do Mediums communicate with the dead, but we also facilitate an in-depth, personalized program to help aid in the grieving process. Whether you are working with a grief counselor or a bereavement group, adding the use of a psychic medium’s abilities to the mix can be a great resource.

There is great comfort in the knowledge that death is not the ending. Our loved ones still exist in the energy field around us, and the veil is thinner than most of us know. With the help of a gifted medium, you can find the answers to unanswered questions, say your unspoken goodbyes and bridge the gap between this life and the next. 


A Message from a Psychic Medium

Are psychic mediums real? For the majority of my life, I have seen dead people. I do not know how not to believe in something that has been such a huge part of my existence. From an early age, I had the wonderful gift of guidance from my psychic medium mother and brother. I feel belief is a strictly personal experience. We find our truth through faith and validation.

These stories I have shared with you today are some of the most memorable mediumship readings I have had the pleasure of being involved in. The reason I chose these impactful stories was due to the various ways the deceased died. We grieve differently for each type of loss. The knowledge between accident and suicide determines how a person handles the grieving process. These intricate details can change the face of grief and the stages in which it presents itself. I consider myself lucky to be able to help people heal on both sides of the veil. 


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