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View to Your Hue: Pink Aura Meaning Guided Meditation

Date 4/19/2024
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Understand the true essence of pink auras and all the ways they can manifest itself in your life with this in-depth podcast and article by Psychic Lacey.

Blessed by creation, we all have a bio-magnetic or auric field that contains seven layers. This auric field exudes a certain color that provides information about the person, their path, talents, and personality. It can manifest in assorted rays of colors depending on feelings, emotions, and current thoughts. The hue is often linked to a chakra. In addition, colors can interchange depending on how our energy changes.

Auras can be viewed by those who have opened their inner and outer spiritual senses or psychic gifts. It is thought that the auric color can give you the essence of the soul and tell you more about the true nature of a person. Let us look at the essence of a pink aura person.

Rose Quartz Pink gemstone

Pink Aura Personality

A person with a pink aura hue is caring, kind and full of love. This is a very rare and special aura hue. These beautiful souls give out unconditional love with no expectations of receiving anything in return. They are caring people who are strong in nature but show their strength through giving and caring for others. A pink aura person tends to be always ‘happy-go-lucky’ as the saying goes. They like to focus on the positive in life and are always seen with a smile.

A pink aura hue can manifest when someone is in love, falling in love, or simply whenever their heart chakra is open. An open heart chakra allows the positive energy of the Universe to flow easily into their lives.

This aura hue attracts others like a moth to a flame. They are inspirational and true friends ‘til the end. Pink aura people are also very good at protecting those they love. Often this includes Mother Nature and all creation. This color has both male and female energy. Pink aura hues are often found around those who are grounded or open to energy healing and psychic energy. They understand the universal flow of love and how love is the highest vibrational energy.

Pink Hue Aura Life path and Career

The best career path for a pink aura person is as a psychic, medium, or an energy healer. These souls are also very creative and full of ideas. Ardent art lovers, their homes are full of color and inspiration. These souls don’t spend any time worrying about finances, fame, or success. A career path is chosen based on the enjoyment and fulfillment it brings. Humanitarian work often appeals to them. Pink aura people are not goal oriented but soul oriented. They want to feel there is purpose and joy in the path they choose.

 Smiling lady with pink background

Shades of a Pink Aura

Light or Baby Pink Aura

Universal energy flows strongly on those with a light or baby pink aura. As a result, their “clair” abilities (clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.) are fully open. They are often psychics, mediums, or energy healers. Light pink aura people heal with love and no judgment. This hue is also seen in a person who is falling in love or is ready and open to commit to someone they love. Light pink aura souls focus on the spiritual world rather on the physical world. They tend to be very sensitive and can read other people’s energy easily.

Pure Pink Aura

This soul tends to work on self-love, self-care, and self-awareness. They are very generous and forgive easily. Allowing the universe to guide them and trusting the process 100%, pure pink aura people tend to be super positive. They always carry a very light energy around them. People tend to feel drawn to them as they project a very calming and loving energy. Others often see the light in them and want to protect it. As they are on a higher vibration energy, those with a pink aura are often seen as gifted or chosen. They tend to be adept at energy healing and often have a following of people that see them as gifted.

Bright Pink Aura

This aura indicates a person that is very caring toward others. They tend to be giving, kind, affectionate, loving, and caring. Bright pink aura people are natural givers who want to uplift others. They do everything from the goodness of their heart. These are very affectionate people and will always be there for friends, family, and partners. People with a bright pink aura tend to be very peaceful souls and focus on creating a balanced life. They are also very focused on treating their body as if it were a temple. Those with this auric hue tend to be vegetarian and eat very healthily. They would greatly enjoy living off the land. Meditation is one of their favorite ways of elevating their vibration and energy.

Magenta/ Fuchsia Pink Aura

This aura hue is split between red and blue, which manifests as two distinct sides of the same person. They can be outgoing, loving, caring, full of joy and passion. However, they can also move to a space of being withdrawn, quiet, and distant. Those with a magenta pink aura like having their own space. These souls are very creative and can borrow from the strengths of the other hue.

Dark and Murky Pink Aura

This soul tends to be tainted by heartache and pain caused by breakups or negative experiences. Their tendency to hold on to the past makes it both hard for them to trust others and hard for others to trust them. Those with a dark or murky pink aura need to step up, take action to heal, and move on. If not, they tend to have a negative view on life and people. Do have your guard up with these souls. They find it hard to connect to others and can isolate themselves.

Couple under cherry blossom trees

Chakra Associated with a Pink Aura

The Chakra associated with a pink aura is the heart chakra. This beautiful soul is kind and compassionate with a very big open heart, always loving and kind. Pink aura people are empaths. They can feel others’ pain and hurt but have the gift of being able to grace them with love and light. These souls tend to focus on healing others and the world. Love enhances their aura and chakra size due to unconditional love towards humanity and Mother Earth.

When their heart chakra is blocked their aura becomes a darker pink aura hue. That will cause these souls to isolate themselves and withdraw from society. Worldly destruction and the suffering of humanity pains them greatly. Once their hue becomes darker, they tend to shy away from love and have a hard time opening their hearts to others in relationships.

Love and Romance

This aura hue soul is looking for a soulmate, true love, and true happiness. Wanting love and happiness, they will search their whole lives for their equal. Pink aura people are known to have very high standards and do not tend to date around. Connections to them are real, true, and special. They will not give their energy to others who are not on the same level they are. As they love themselves, they are looking for someone that will match their love and energy. They are natural empaths and will always ensure their partnerships brings in true love and joy.

Lady pouting with pink background

The disadvantage of having a pink aura

If they have been hurt in love or by others in the past, depending on the shade of pink, these souls can be untrustworthy. A pink aura person in pain can isolate themselves from the world and find it hard to connect to others.

However, these souls do not have many negative traits. Any negative traits they might have often end up being turned inward. Those with a pink aura can be seen as too sensitive by others and often feel hurt by judgment. Their tendency towards being idealistic can also make them feel unbalanced and disappointed if things do not flow in the way they wish. Pink aura people may push people away by being over caring and over nurturing. They need to develop better boundaries and recognize that others need to learn and grow by themselves.

How do I know I have a pink aura hue?

Are you able to read others energy? Are you psychic? Are you always there for others and ready to go on a journey to protect them? Do you give unconditionally? Is your heart open and full of love? Do you have high standards and expectations? Are you sensitive? Are you always calm, caring and loving? Are you looking for your soul mate or equal? Do you over care or mother others? At times, do you care more about others then yourself? If you said yes to all these questions, then you have a pink aura hue.

Can I have a pink aura?

Anyone can have a pink aura, the more you visualize and focus on the color the more you can manifest this hue. Please follow this guided pink aura meditation to help you create a pink aura. Wearing pink clothing can help you enhance your pink aura. Please note that this meditation will help you to manifest a pink aura, as visualization manifests into reality when we focus. However, this meditation should be followed daily or weekly to allow you as an individual to support this vibrational energy level. I so look forward to guiding you on your path.


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Lacey’s has a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and has studied Chinese face reading, Feng-shui and I-Ching to help and assist clients in all parts of their lives. Lacey is a Clairsentient Empath and Energy Healer and uses a combination of TCM and spiritual healing to guide and support her clients.   Lacey is excited to help and guide you step by step on your life path.



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