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Sharing Kindness

How will you change the world?

Kindness is the imprint we leave on the world. If one thing is for certain, we all could use a little kindness these days. People often forget that being kind is free, and even the smallest gesture is worth more than the grandest intention. If you’ve been on the receiving end of an act of genuine kindness no matter how big or small, that uplifting feeling brought on by another can turn your entire day around. And it goes both ways. Spreading kindness is an instant way to release positivity, boost empathy, improve relationships, and increase your overall feel-good vibes. Sometimes all we need is just a little kindness.

Kindness-in-a-click Generator

You can make a difference! Need some ideas on how you can spread love and positivity in your community? Get an instant act of kindness with our Kindness-in-a-click Generator, then share your story below!

Share Some Kindness

Sharing Stories of Kindness

Has someone warmed your heart recently? Tell us about it! The easiest way to brighten someone's day is by being kind. If you've experienced or witnessed an especially heart-warming act, no matter how big or small, share your story. Your story encourages others and creates a community of Kindness.

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