Levels of Consciousness and Signs You're Shifting to a Higher Vibration

Published Date 11/18/2021

Signs You’re Shifting to
a Higher Level of Consciousness

  • 7

    0.1% of the population

    Transcendent Mastery
  • 6

    0.9% of the population

    Integral Connection
  • 5

    9% of the population

    Pluralistic Cohesion
  • 4

    20% of the population

  • 3

    40% of the population

    Conformist Aspiration
  • 2

    20% of the population

    Relationship-Driven Consciousness
  • 1

    10% of the population

    Instinctual Survival

The universe vibrates at seven levels of consciousness. As you transcend from one level to the next, your vibrations increase and your view of the universe becomes broader.

The highest levels of consciousness require full self-actualization and are reached by only the most enlightened individuals. Take this quiz to see which level you're most likely at and how you can increase your vibrations and transcend to higher consciousness.


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