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Levels of Consciousness and Signs You're Shifting to a Higher Vibration

Date 4/25/2024
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Signs You’re Shifting to
a Higher Level of Consciousness

  • 7

    0.1% of the population

    Transcendent Mastery
  • 6

    0.9% of the population

    Integral Connection
  • 5

    9% of the population

    Pluralistic Cohesion
  • 4

    20% of the population

  • 3

    40% of the population

    Conformist Aspiration
  • 2

    20% of the population

    Relationship-Driven Consciousness
  • 1

    10% of the population

    Instinctual Survival

The universe vibrates at seven levels of consciousness. As you transcend from one level to the next, your vibrations increase and your view of the universe becomes broader.

The highest levels of consciousness require full self-actualization and are reached by only the most enlightened individuals. Take this quiz to see which level you're most likely at and how you can increase your vibrations and transcend to higher consciousness.

Shifts in Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening by Psychic Hadlie

Have you had experiences in your life where nothing felt right? You felt alone like you did not fit in anywhere? You found yourself searching to find that "normal" feeling? This is the beginning of your spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakenings can be life-changing for many. Your entire world as you knew it before is never the same.

When you begin your spiritual awakening, you are taken on a journey unlike any other before. This journey is what brings true inner healing. Understand the awakening begins for you, but during the stages, you have to put the hard work in. I hear you say, an awakening is hard enough, now I have to do more work? As you read the stages of a spiritual awakening below, I want you to keep in your mind that it is happening FOR you, not TO you!

Spiritual Awakening

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is a process of elevating your consciousness. Spiritual awakening is a term given to describe a subjective experience in which an individual's ego transcends their ordinary sense of self to open a wider, infinite sense of truth or reality. It is awakening one's innermost self to be able to see truth versus the ego-confusing reality. Spiritual awakenings can be spontaneous. Often one will experience a major life event such as depression, loss of relationships, career, or a loved one. When you go through your spiritual awakening, it can be one of the most confusing, lonely, alienating, yet beautiful, experiences in life.

Spiritual awakenings are the beginning of your initiation on the spiritual path. Because of your spiritual awakening, you no longer go throughout life pursuing the emptiness of money, fame, power, and respect in an attempt to find “happiness.” You now have raised your vibrations which has opened the truth within, your true inner self, true happiness.

A Feeling of Connection

A critical part of a spiritual awakening is realizing your connectedness to the world around you. You begin to realize that you're part of a complex web that touches all living things. This can deepen your sense of empathy and compassion for others. You will start to feel shifts in the larger web of creation more deeply as you become more familiar with this sense of interconnectedness.

When Can I Expect a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakenings occur at the least expected times. You can never plan for them. They amazingly show up in your life and shake everything up when you need them the most. The feeling that your life doesn’t make sense anymore is the product of having all of your former beliefs, desires, and ideologies challenged. This is traumatic, but a necessary part of your expansion.

When you experience a spiritual awakening, you literally wake up. You begin to question old beliefs, habits, and conditioning. You begin to see that there is much more to life than what we have been taught.

You will experience many spiritual awakenings in this lifetime. You are constantly raising your vibration which allows for new experiences. Each time you experience a spiritual awakening you will have a unique experience. Each experience represents where you are vibrating within your level of consciousness.

Seeing Beauty Around You 

As you are able to embark on this journey, you will find more beauty around you, which can contribute to feelings of inner joy and peace. Feelings of loneliness, sorrow, and anxiety tend to melt away, as do the worries you may have had about your future. You can focus on the here and now, rather than feeling concerned about what the future will hold. It's easier to find joy in the knowledge that your soul is connecting with something greater than yourself.

Wondering what else to expect? Many spiritual experts have described 5-7 stages of spiritual awakening.

The 7 Stages of a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

Stage 1 - Feeling Lost and Unhappy

In this stage, you experience the Dark Night of the Soul. You can experience confusion, disconnection, alienation, depression, and unhappiness with life. You are searching for something, but you don’t know what it is. There is a great feeling of emptiness inside of you. This stage either comes out of nowhere or can be triggered due to a life crisis (for example breakup, divorce, death, trauma, illness, or other major life changes).

Stage 2 - Your Perspectives Shift

You start to perceive reality differently. You start seeing through the lies and delusions you had ingrained within you. You feel unhappy with life, disturbed by the suffering you see, and hopeless about the wrongs of the world. You no longer see life as you once did in your previous state of complacent unawareness.

Stage 3 - You Begin Seeking Answers and Meaning

You will find yourself asking “why” or “why me” a lot as you try to understand everything that is happening. You begin to ask all the deep questions. You are searching for your life purpose, spiritual destiny, and the meaning of life itself. You will start showing more interest in different metaphysical, and self-help info, in the search for answers and truth. Your focus turns to the beginning of your spiritual search.

Stage 4 - Finding Answers and Having Breakthroughs

After spending a lot of time alone with yourself, you will begin to find teachers, practices, and or beliefs that ease your suffering. You will feel a sense of inner growth as old patterns dissolve and your true, innermost self, begins to emerge. You may have a number of spiritual experiences or moments of enlightenment that give you a glimpse into the true core of reality. This can be a time of joy, hope, connection, and amazement. You may start to experience love from within that is projecting outwardly in all you do and experience.

Stage 5 - Why Am I at the Beginning, Feeling Lost Again?

Life is about change. With the spiritual awakening process, there are always changes happening. You can compare it to climbing a mountain, you have reached the top of one and then feel like you have been knocked back to the bottom only to have to climb another mountain. You may become bored and tired of your spiritual teachers, practices, and or routines. You may begin to crave something deeper. You may have even experienced extended periods of connection with the Divine, only to become separated again. You will feel disturbed and upset by this experience. Even though you may have experienced many mental/emotional/spiritual breakthroughs, they might feel superficial. You crave authenticity and deep spirituality that transforms every part of you. The unhappiness and stagnation you feel will motivate you to go in search for more.

Stage 6 - Deeper Inner Work

At this point, you are not interested in surface practices anymore. The pain you feel inside is what continues to motivate you to do the hard deep inner work. You may begin a serious practice of meditating, mindfulness, inner child work, shadow work, and/or bodywork.

Stage 7 - The Integration, Expansion, and Joy

Integration means taking the spiritual lessons you have learned from your inner work and applying them to your daily life. Integration happens both subconsciously and consciously as a habit in deep spiritual work. You will experience long-lasting changes within. Profound peace, love, and joy emerge and are felt in this stage. You may feel ready to be a spiritual mentor or role model in your community and pass on your insight to others. Life will become less about YOU and more about WE. Your perspective will expand, and you will start seeing things from the big picture without judgment. Most importantly, you will feel connected, at peace with yourself, and aligned with life.

Spiritual Awakening

Ascension Symptoms

Spiritual awakenings can manifest in physical symptoms as well. Often referred to as ascension symptoms.

1. Vertigo - Your inner ears may be more sensitive causing you to feel off-balance.

2. Buzzing in Your Ears - As you begin to vibrate on a higher frequency, you may hear buzzing in one or both ears.

3. Feeling More Empathy - You may begin to feel others energy more intensely, drained when you have been out in large crowds, and begin to love everything.

4. Headaches - This can happen during the full moon due to the surge of energy. You are now more connected to energies surrounding you.

5. Skin irritation - During your awakening, you will purge. Your body will purge through the skin helping to rid you of cellular toxins.

Some may never experience physical symptoms while others will notice the physical more than the emotional. Symptoms will vary depending on where you are in your awakening.

A Moment of Truth

A spiritual awakening often accompanies a sudden questioning of your belief system. You may feel spiritually disoriented as though you're not sure exactly where you belong. As you're called to a higher awakening, the first thing you have to do is reevaluate your previous understanding of the world. You'll likely find yourself questioning your emotions, habits, actions, and demeanor as you make the shift to a more enlightened state.


As you start to spiritually awaken, you may be overwhelmed by a desire to purge your life of that which is unhealthy or no longer serving you. You may choose to stop using alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, or other substances that may not be healthy for your body. Another way that you might purge is by removing toxic people from your life or changing jobs to get out of a negative situation. You might feel emotions more strongly, going from crying to laughing in a matter of moments. This type of release is common when you are purging yourself as part of the spiritual journey. 

An Experience of Inner Peace

Those who have had a spiritual awakening typically experience a newfound sense of inner peace. Anger, sadness, and frustration no longer have the same devastating effect on your emotions after a deep awakening. You're able to separate yourself from the surface impact of these feelings, finally recognizing their fleeting nature and frequently insignificant value.

A Sense of Deeper Intuition

As you tap into your interconnectedness with the world, you'll also have access to deeper intuition. You may start to see angel numbers, recognize spirit animals, or accurately anticipate events before they occur. You may be able to sense the presence of beings in another realm, or access past life memories. You might also start to see the rich synchronicity of the people and events around you. You'll recognize how each essential piece contributes to the greater whole.

As you experience your awakening understand everyone’s experience will be different. You are evolving every day with each and every experience. It is common to not experience your awakening specifically as the stages list. You are all unique beings having your own experiences. This can be a complicated, messy journey. It doesn’t always look how you may think it should. Remember - your spiritual awakening process is unique to you.



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Hadlie is a Psychic Medium who fully activated her gifts after a journey of healing. She always knew she was gifted, but never understood the depths of these emotions and feelings. Once she began her journey to healing everything made sense. Hadlie uses her gifts to help others find their why, ultimately helping others understand their journey and truly begin to heal from the inside out.


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