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Spring Equinox Guided Meditation - Starting Over by Psychic Nova

Date 3/24/2023
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March 20th welcomes in the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. The Equinox is when the day and night are of equal lengths. This is due to the tilt of the Earth and happens just twice a year. Thousands of years ago, the Ancients celebrated the Equinox that fell in March as the start of a new year. This is why in traditional astrology, Aries (which also begins now) is considered the first sign of the Zodiac.

Spring Equinox Meditation

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring Equinox was a time of rebirth and renewal and a sign that the cold winter was getting ready to pass. This is a beautiful time of the year, the transition from one phase to the next. In the Southern Hemisphere it was a time of harvesting and getting ready to prepare for the long winter ahead, basically to store up to harvest. It is almost like both hemispheres were collectively acting out the ancient symbolic cycle of death and birth/rebirth on Mother Earth. This happens yearly and you should connect with nature as much as you can during these special days.

An equinox allows the flow between creation and manifestation to be more seamless. There are no limits on what you can manifest during an Equinox, but typically the Spring is a time for new beginnings and in the Autumn, it is a time to harvest, release, and let go. It’s your new beginning!

No matter where you live on Earth, use your internal instinct to determine which ritual is most suitable for you. We all live on the same planet, and we all experience both these energies in different ways and strengths.

Ritual for the Spring Equinox

In celebration of the Equinox, I invite you to try a manifestation ritual that is perfect for renewal, protection, and a clear creative mind throughout the year. 


  • Around 10 brightly colored flowers of any kind.
  • 1 candle: green, pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple, or white
  • Your favorite crystals/stones
  • Pen and paper


  1. Find a quiet place to perform your ritual where you will not be disturbed. Outside works well for this.
  2. Holding your crystal, do a brief meditation to help clear your mind and calm your thoughts. Breathe deeply in and out 5 times.
  3. Write down on your piece of paper what you want to manifest or create.
  4. Arrange your flowers into a circle leaving one to the side for later.
  5. Say your manifestation aloud three times, then light the candle.
  6. Place the candle and the piece of paper inside the circle. Keep holding the crystal.
  7. Take in the energy of your sacred circle. Perhaps take a few deep breaths or meditate for a while longer.
  8. When you feel ready, release your intention out into the Universe by picking up your spare flower and throwing it up into the air. As you throw your flower, feel your intention being lifted up into the Universe.
  9. Leave your candle burning for as long as possible (don’t leave the candle unattended).
  10. If possible, place the flowers in a vase and keep them in your house.

Now that you are cleansed and ready, it’s time to meditate again.

Enjoy my special Spring Equinox Meditation video (the transcript follows below if you’d like to read along).  And after you've mastered this meditation, also check out another Spring Equinox Guided Meditation provided by Psychic Helena. 

“Starting Over”

Spring Equinox Meditation Transcript

Welcome to the Spring Equinox Northern Hemisphere! Let us reset your life with the powerful ancient meditation honoring the Spring Equinox.

Peace, love, and healthy reflection, you have entered the Spring Equinox meditation. Before we get started feel free to light your sage, frankincense, myrrh, or Palo Santo. You’re welcome to apply any aromatherapy oils of your choice. While you are smudging your sacred space, I want you to focus on New Beginnings, what you envision your life to be.

Now that we have all our scared tools ready, I want you to lay flat on your back with your palms facing upward to the sky. I want you to take a deep breath in your nose and blow slowly out of your mouth three times until you can fully decompress from all stress.

Let your mind go free. You are safe; you are loved; you cannot fail. I want you to walk with me in the beautiful ancient redwoods. I want you to feel the earth under your feet, the coolness of the earth on your toes, and the trees' vibration under your feet.

As you walk through the scared woods, I want you to look around touch, see, feel, the trees and smell the many smells of the earth, the flowers, and the sap of the trees. I want you to be one with nature and all the beauty earth has to offer.

As trees are called the Ancient Gods they are healing and perfect for starting over during Spring Equinox where everything gets a second chance. Starting over as you walk, you are leaving that does not serve you!

Step-by-step, drop grief. 

Step-by-step, drop the spiritual and emotional pain and suffering. 

Step-by-step drop abandonment.

Step-by-step, drop anxiety, negative thoughts, regrets, and bad relationships.

Step-by-step, drop self-doubt, and self-hate.

Step-by-step, drop rejection, fear, bad finance, and poverty.

Step-by-step, drop loneliness, fear, and anger. Step-by-step you are now clear!

You are now ready to restore yourself to the rightful level of your inner and spiritual self, now that we have dropped these old issues. I want you to find a sacred tree, one that is strong and healthy. One that calls you, listen to the distant drumming, it’s calling you.

Beat by beat, listen to the distant drumming, it's calling louder and louder.

Listen to the eagle making beautiful sounds while flying high over you in the sky.

Listen to the beautiful sounds of the waterfalls in the distance and the smells of the jasmine trees and wildflowers.

As you find yourself a healthy spring equinox tree, I want you now to sit with your back up against the tree and the palms of your hands flat on the ground. Feel the earth as you are about to ground your energy with this strong ancient redwood tree.

The ancient ones give love, strength, and wisdom. Close your eyes, and imagine you growing roots deep down into the earth with the tree, you now become one. 

The tree may lose leave, but they come back. 

The trees may lose branches, but it’s ok because what is considered broken or dead will be replaced with life.

The tree can live through storms and so can you.

The tree cannot be pushed over by any human, and you cannot either.

The tree is loved, adored, and gives life and an abundance of spirituality.

You are starting over with the strength and wisdom of the tree. Nature brings stability to your spirit. As you bond with the tree, remember your mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychic strength comes from within and the connection to the ancient ones.

During the Spring Equinox, you are now officially reset.

Counting backward from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, awake into your new higher self, thanks to the Spring Equinox.

Many Blessings,


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