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Exclusive Savings! New Customers - as low as $0.60/min. Redeem now.
Psychic Nova x3615

Psychic Nova x3615

Non-Judgmental Clairvoyant


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  • 18,200 since June 2020
  • Specialties: Love Psychic, Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium
  • Tools: Can Read Without Tools
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 243
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  • Love, Relationships & Family - 707

More About Nova

Years of Experience: 40

Greetings, I am Nova. I'm a world-renowned natural-born clairvoyant and medium who has journeyed 44 years in connecting with spirits and aiding individuals in finding spiritual equilibrium and insight.

My path has led me through radio and television, where I've shared my gifts and insights globally. My focus spans Love & Relationships, Mediumship, Remote Viewing, and all aspects of life, including Work-Life-Balance. I also hold the esteemed title of High Priestess and forge connections with Spirit Guides, Angels, African Oracles, and the profound depths of spirituality.

Unlike some, I do not rely on tools to access the spiritual realm. My abilities flow naturally, allowing me to provide authentic and unfiltered insight. My life's calling is grounded in supporting others on intense spiritual journeys and helping them form meaningful connections with the unseen world.

When seeking guidance from me, you'll receive a non-judgmental reading filled with sincere care and affection. I approach each session with a down-to-earth demeanor and a gentle spirit. My goal is to create a secure and nurturing space for exploring concerns and discovering the wisdom within your spiritual journey.

My psychic journey began early—at around 4 years old—when my natural gifts started emerging. Since then, I've refined my abilities and journeyed across the world, offering readings and mediumship sessions that have touched countless lives. Notably, I've been featured on television and radio and played a significant role in an international missing person case that ended successfully.

My reading style is rooted in authenticity and devoid of judgment. Equality and inclusion are core values, welcoming everyone to connect with me, regardless of their background or beliefs. I'm committed to delivering psychic services with integrity and care, conveying messages with honesty and clarity, without any sugar-coating.

Spiritual balance is pivotal for a fulfilled life. My mission as your advisor is to provide a solid understanding of your current circumstances and what lies ahead. I highly value your time and investment, offering insights that are concise, purposeful, and honest.

When engaging in a reading with me, I engage all my senses to tap into the realm of spirit—seeing, feeling, and hearing the guidance of your spirit guides and angels. It's a collaborative effort to illuminate your path. I encourage you to have a pen and paper ready, as note-taking can enhance your connection to the shared wisdom.

In addition to my clairvoyant abilities, I possess the gift of remote viewing. This unique talent allows me to see events and energies beyond physical barriers. For remote viewing sessions, please note that I require 30 minutes to enter a meditative state and access real-time views.

I've dedicated my life to connecting with clients like you, offering guidance and insight into areas such as Love and Relationships, Marriages and Divorce, Work-Life-Balance and Family Matters, Extra Affairs and Same-Sex Relationships, Meditation and Reiki, and Angel Prayers.

Choosing to read with me is akin to a conversation with a trusted friend. You can expect to leave the session with renewed clarity and understanding. My commitment to you is steadfast, and my aim is to support you on your spiritual journey with compassion and wisdom.



Words of Wisdom

Belive in yourself and Not your Fears.

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823 reviews since Jun 2020

Featured Review Heaven 6/27/2022 stars Phone Reading

She always brings the calm and provides the best advice. I felt comfort in hearing the great things to come that she shared from spirit. Nova you are always on it. Give her a try, you will not be disappointed. Blessing

dish26 9/25/2023 stars Phone Reading

I just loved Nova’s energy! She empathized with me and my situation. She confirmed what I felt in my gut. Nova put my stress, hurt and anxiety at ease. Thank you ??

Cadell2643 9/10/2023 stars Phone Reading

Great talk with Nova. Looking forward to chatting with you soon. Thank you for your advice.

Boogie24 9/10/2023 stars Phone Reading

Hands down the best advisor on this app. She is so spot on and literally can read you like a book. I enjoyed my reading and will be calling back as soon as possible. She is very honest and her gift is absolutely amazing.

Nova replied...

Thank you so much for your Beautiful Review! You are an amazing person and I look forward to speaking again.

LEENHAFEZ 9/8/2023 stars Chat Reading

Nova was straight up and clear with the messages she was getting , I just wish I got a more detailed point about the future and what the angels were sending to me through my way. Over all I loved speaking with her and will come back to her when I can for another reading !!

Nova replied...

Hi, can't wait to Finish our call also, you are Amazing and I'm looking forward to having more time on our call. Many Blessings.

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