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A Time for Change - Spring Equinox Meditation by Psychic Nova

Date 3/24/2023
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Many Blessings... Thank you for joining me for this Spring Equinox Meditation. I'm Psychic Nova.  Let’s Gather some Incense to burn or even light a candle for aromatherapy. Yellow, green or white will do.

Spring Equinox Meditation

Now close your eyes...

Inhale/exhale (slowly)...

Inhale/exhale (slowly)...

Inhale/exhale (slowly)...

Imagine yourself standing in an open field of greenery. 

Feel the cool grass beneath your toes.

Feel the warm sunbathing your skin in a pure, vibrant energy...

Inhale/exhale (slowly)....

Spring Equinox Meditation

Mother Earth  thank you for this day as it is an honor to be in your presence.

I call upon the Spirit and Goddess of Spring, The Sun, Mother Earth and The Trees, the ancient ones.

Please come to me now (take a deep breath).

I call upon Archangel Michael for Meditation Safe Travels.

Please come to me now (take a deep breath).

Spirit Guides, please come to me now (take a deep breath).

Thank you for radiating your beautiful energy in this space.

Mother Earth thank you for leading us into another season of transition, another cycle of growth, evolution, and transformation. On behalf of the collective, I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for allowing us to be part of another journey in carnation, the ability to fulfill our roles upon mankind and the resources that you provided to sustain. We are so grateful for this new beginning. We are grateful for this moment and trust that you’ve covered us in an energy of fertilization so that we may blossom into the most beautiful versions of ourselves. We trust the protection of The Goddess of Spring  - that you will assist us in cancelling out all the old things and welcoming a fresh new start for the Spring Equinox. We trust the protection of Archangel Michael that you will assist us.

Archangel Raphael, thank you for your energy of love and light and healing. I trust that you will assist us with shedding old energies, cutting worn cords and healing our energy from past seasons. We trust that you will infuse us with an energy of rebirth and restoration so that we may begin to plant our seeds of intention. Archangel Raphael, I trust that you will assist us with healing ourselves, the collective and our Earth. Infuse the soil with a Green energy, restoring the heart beat of our Spring Goddess, Ostara, as we welcome her back this season. After you've mastered this, you can try another powerful Spring Equinox Meditation provided by Psychic Advisor Helena. 

Spring Equinox Meditation

Goddess Ostara, goddess of Spring, we welcome you (take a deep breath).

Thank you for revealing your glowing light before us as we take a moment to embrace the paths ahead of us. Along the horizon before us, we can see a clear vision that we are preparing to materialize. As the sun moves at an equal distance across the celestial equator to meet the moon in equal proximity, we begin to embrace an energy of balance. We begin to embrace a harmonious energy as we intertwine the true essence of femininity and masculinity. It, indeed, is true.

As we embark on a new journey where day and night create the perfect sunset, we level ourselves in understanding and emotion while vibrating a perfect energy of logic and love. This season brings forth the vibration of a higher frequency, a balanced energy. At this frequency, can hear the angelic melodies of life forming. We can hear the drums of our ancestors beating at the tune of our hearts. We can hear the Earth erupt and pour out beautiful arrays of greenery and flowers that emanate an aroma of peace. Peace is restored as the guardian spirits of the trees are awakened from a long Winter slumber. Leaves regrow atop the branches of the trees as they stretch upward, toward the sky and release a calming breath of fresh air. Brother wind silently moves about, gently kissing the waves of the sea. Sister rain sprinkles drops of magic onto the horizon in efforts to encourage release, rinsing away doubt, worry, and fear. Our solar Gods collect the liquid droppings until they disappear, refilling the atmosphere with a warm light of hope.

Our Spring Goddess has arrived and has awakened the likings of the Horned God to restore the bounties of nature. Abundance is ours to reclaim. We are extremely grateful for the possibilities of abundance.

Thank you, Goddess Ostara.

Thank you, Horned God.

Spring Equinox Meditation

Spring Equinox Braces Us For Change

Spirit, as we take up our paths and move onward into a new season, we’d like to gracefully express our gratitude for the seasons that have come before this one. We understand that our journeys are not limited to just one experience, but that it is the many experiences along the way that create such a beautiful timeline. We are grateful for the seasons of learning as we understand that learning is imperative to development. We accept those lessons as catalytic energies of change. The past seasons have transmuted lessons into blessings, pain into purpose and grief into gratitude. It’s time to birth new ideas and manifest new realities. This season is the season that we begin harvesting. This harvest will be fruitful and fulfilling.

Spirit, as we engage the gods and goddesses who chose us and whom we have been chosen by, may we recreate their power in our authentic essence. May we be guided by such powers through this season to express ourselves, collaboratively, yet uniquely, that we may manifest the best versions of ourselves. As we use our altars, our minds and Spirituality into this New season  we  petition our requests, may we submit requests that we need not be ashamed of. As we perform our rituals, may they produce abundant outcomes by the fairness of the Universe. May our abilities to grow and become strong just as the buds of the flowers blossom. May our spirits transform just as a caterpillar of the Earth evolves into a butterfly. May our butterfly-like spirits touch many around us and catapult them into transformation as well. May we be empowered in and outside of our communities.

Spirit, I trust that this new season will bring forth a new meaning of life. The new experiences that we endure in this season will define historical purposes. We will improve the design of the original versions of ourselves, while not losing the essence of who we truly are. By keeping our feet planted firmly into the soil, we remain grounded in our souls and lead by our Spirits. We will trust those sent to us to guide, lead, and protect us as we understand that doing so serves us for our highest good. In return, we understand our purpose to serve mankind in many ways, either through healing, practicing, protecting, dictating, teaching, learning, following or leading and simply being a catalyst in another’s journey. We embrace our roles with our entire souls as we look forward to traveling the road that that was ordained at the very beginning. This new season is a new beginning that was worth waiting for.

Spirit, we surrender to the Universe and trust your divine guidance through this time of Spring Equinox. We trust that you’ll keep our energies protected by the angels of the light. We trust that our rituals will be perfected by the gods and goddesses . We trust that our children will be nurtured by the love of their guardians. We trust that the seeds that we sow will produce fair reward and that if we bear bad fruit, we gain equal discord. We choose to bear fair fruit, loving when we need to and discipline rightfully so. We trust that our souls will remain connected with the Spirit of the Universe as we celebrate it’s beauty.

Spring Equinox Meditation

Spring Equinox -  A Path of Divine Direction

During this season of Spring Equinox, may we be lead on a path of divine direction:

Spirit of Earth, continue to keep us grounded in courage and trust so that we remain on course. (inhale/exhale)

Spirit of Air, continue to communicate with us, whispering encouraging messages of hope. (inhale/exhale)

Spirit of Fire, continue to ignite our passions of life, that we remain inspired and productive. (inhale/exhale)

Spirit of Water, continue to cleanse us so that we may restabilize emotionally through each cycle. . .(inhale/exhale)

I speak into existence newfound peace in this season.

I speak into existence newfound grace in this season.

I speak into existence newfound union in this season.

I speak into existence newfound knowledge in this season.

I speak into existence newfound wisdom in this season.

I speak into existence newfound clarity in this season.

I speak into existence understanding and acceptance in this season.

I speak into existence balance of light and dark, always remaining seated in love.

I speak into existence freedom, expression, intuition expansion in this season.

I speak into existence elevated vibrations and increased self-love.

I speak into existence that each one gains the desires of one’s heart so long as it is just within the Universe.

Goddess Ostra, we embrace this new energy as you shower the Earth with love, fertility, and rebirth. We look forward to the fruits of our efforts that we set our intentions to produce, in abundance, during this time of Spring Equinox.

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Nova is a World Renowned Natural Born clairvoyant and Psychic Medium. She has appeared on several radio and TV shows, along with being featured in a newspaper article for an International Missing person case in 2006. Nova has a master’s degree in Grief Therapy & Funeral Director Mortuary Science. She is also a midwife, doula, medical rape victims advocate and domestic violence prevention advocate. Nova’s biggest accomplishment was in 2021 when she became the first African American Certified Death Midwife in her entire state. She is a certified yoga teacher/trainer, reiki master teacher/trainer level 1, 2, 3, a master meditation teacher and spiritual teacher.





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