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Soul Nourishment and Manifesting Dreams with the Spring Equinox and New Moon Meditation by Psychic Helena

Date 3/30/2023
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As the wheel of the year rotates from winter to spring, 2023 brings an incredibly auspicious alignment of both the Spring Equinox and a New Moon pairing together for a potent time of new beginnings, rebirth, manifestation, and action. Spring Equinox, also known as the Vernal Equinox, occurs on Monday, March 20, 2023, when the sun's rays directly shine on the equator, followed by the sun shifting to the North of the equator, bringing in more light and warmth to the Northern Hemisphere. Also known as Ostara, Spring Equinox marks the first day of spring and the halfway point between solstices. Day and night, light and dark, come into equal balance.

This year, we have a particularly unique celestial sky as the first New Moon of March follows the Spring Equinox in the constellation of Aries on Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

Individually, both the Spring Equinox and the New Moon phase of the moon cycle offer powerful opportunities for manifestation and intention setting. Add in the New Moon occurring in the passionate, confident fire sign of Aries, and we have a triple dose of energies aligning, ripe for a time of getting clear and planting seeds for dreams to come into fruition. If you've been craving a time of clearing out the past, and bringing your ideas to life, now is the time! Setting new moon intentions, especially powered by Aries, optimizes your ability to call in your dreams.

To make the most of this energy cycle, here are some New Moon ritual ideas:

Spring Equinox Welcome Spring

Create Your Own Spring Equinox and New Moon Ceremony

If it calls to you, find a space to create an altar, either indoors, or outside (creating your altar outside will bring in even more of the power of nature). In choosing the location for your altar, consider a spot where it won't be disturbed by others, including curious pets. If creating an altar outside, take into consideration the elements of nature, and any animals. Be considerate of the safety of wildlife. Perhaps the altar outside will only be used for your ritual, then it will be cleaned up. If the altar is indoors, or as a mindful setup outside, it can be something you come back to over time. If you already have an altar, now is the perfect time to clean and refresh for the spring.

Altar ideas include:

  • Fresh flowers
  • Plants
  • Crystals (any that you are drawn to, some suggestions are sunstone, agate, carnelian, rose quartz, or moss agate)
  • Candles
  • Images of loved ones or deities
  • Any items that enhance your New Moon intentions and Spring Equinox imagery:
    • Objects with spring symbols such as butterflies, eggs, and birds. For example, a feather.
    • Images or items representing manifestations you would like to bring in:
      • For wealth, some coins or an orange to represent abundance.
      • For love, perhaps a rose quartz crystal or an image representing love.
      • Perhaps you are calling for healing and peace in your community. If so, think of what you can place on your altar as representation.
  • Variations on altars can be a spot in a drawer that can be closed (of course, some items such as live plants, or candles, won't be ideal for this, but be creative!). Another idea can be a small bag as a traveling altar with a few special items in it.

Spring Equinox Yoga

Movement as a Way to Become Grounded

Find embodied movement, as a way to become grounded and in your body's wisdom. Consider one of the following, or a combination:

  • Yoga - Sun salutations are a wonderful way to welcome in the Spring sun. As you move up and down on the mat, you emulate the rise and fall of the sun. Or, flow through some Moon salutations to honor the New Moon. Moon salutations take you horizontally across the mat, referencing the phases of the moon across the sky.
  • A walk, hike, or time spent in nature. If you are able to be barefoot, this can be an extra grounding connection with Earth.
  • Dancing - Have fun with it, turn on your favorite music and move in any way that feels good to you, giving yourself permission to let go of what it looks like, and more into how it feels, following your intuition.

Additionally, singing or chanting are powerful ways to practice embodiment as you feel into your voice and the vibration of sound.

Spring Equinox Meditation

Find Time to Meditate

Take some time to meditate (on your own or try my guided meditation video further down in this article).

  • Sit comfortably in quiet or with soft music.
  • Notice your senses.
    • What can you hear?
    • Even if eyes are closed, what is the quality of light?
    • What can you feel? How does the temperature feel?
    • What else can you relish about the present moment?
  • Breathe deeply and slowly into your heart space, placing your hands over your heart and noticing the rise and fall of your breath. You may also like to try a mudra, such as the lotus mudra, to bring in more openness to the heart, and as symbolism of a blossoming flower. Continue to drop deep into your senses and your breath, gently guiding your mind back as it wanders. Imagine a golden light in your heart, glowing brighter with each breath cycle.
  • Reflection and clarity. After some time in meditation, as you drop deeper into your heart, begin to ask yourself:
    • What wins am I celebrating from the winter? These can be simple, or big, anything you are proud of overcoming or accomplishing.
    • What am I grateful for? Finding gratitude for what we already have creates more abundance and flow.
    • What am I ready to shed, to let go of that no longer serves me? Such as limiting beliefs, old pain, and patterns.
    • What am I ready to call in? What dreams and hopes would you like to become true?  Most importantly, what does it FEEL like? Visualize your dreams as vividly as possible.
    • What is one next step I can take to help these dreams become true? Remember that manifestation works best when we co-create and take action in what we are calling in. Keep it simple, what matters is staying in motion, and taking one step at a time. Make it doable.
    • Do I need any additional support to stay connected to these visions? Such as community, a coach, or an advisor? Community and accountability are powerful ways to stay encouraged on your path. 

Spring Equinox Journaling


Take some time to write down what you find in your meditation. This is also an excellent time to revisit any intentions you made at the beginning of the new year, or to create some now if you were still in winter restful mode, along with nature, in January. Rest assured that you are allowed to follow your own rhythms and what is for you will not pass you. Trust you were meant to have the lessons and time that you've had, to be ready until this auspicious time to get the clarity needed to call in your future.

From your intentions, create some new moon affirmations, or mantras. Write the words down. Keep them in a journal that you can revisit or place them on your altar. For example:

  • I am allowed to create the life of my dreams.
  • Each day I call in more abundance to myself and those around me.
  • I am loved and wanted in my community.
  • I can rest when my body needs it.
  • I trust myself to take action when needed.
  • I am allowed to be radiant.

Spring Equinox Salt Bath

A Balancing Salt Bath

In addition to, or instead of a ceremony, take a cleansing, balancing salt bath. Draw a bath at your favorite temperature. As the water runs, generously pour Epsom salt into the bath. Salt not only soothes muscles; it also is effective in clearing out old energy. If you'd like, make your bath as decadent as you like, adding candles to the room, or even adding flower petals to float in the water. Soak in the bath and meditate, calling your energy and power back to you from the past into the present moment. Visualize yourself, becoming brighter and more clear as you release the past, calling in your energy. Rest for as long as you'd like, and call in your New Moon and Spring Equinox intentions. 

Spring Equinox Planting Seeds

Plant Seeds (Literally)

Plant an indoor or outdoor herb garden, flower garden, or vegetable garden. Alternatively, or additionally, you can pot or repot a houseplant. As you plant in the soil, infuse the seeds or plants with your new moon intentions. Take some time to notice the sensations of your hands in the dirt, feeling gratitude for the magic of nature and for being a part of the natural world. When you revisit the seeds to tend them, recall your intentions and visualize them growing.

Find what resonates with you from the suggestions above and try the ideas that you feel the most drawn to. Remember, the most magical tool of all is your own inner awareness, and belief. Tools and rituals work because of the intentions and energy we bring to them. When you come from a true place of authenticity, you naturally bring more alignment on your path. If you are drawn to simplicity, trust it is enough. If you crave more elaborate rituals, delve into all the delicious details. Your intention setting can be as unique and powerful as you. Once you manifest, keep your eyes and heart open for opportunities. When you feel an inner nudge, follow it. Keeping a journal over time will help you to reflect and recognize the fruition. 

Happy New Moon, Happy Spring Equinox, and Happy Manifesting!


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Helena is an intuitive healer, energy worker, and empathetic psychic. She became aware of her abilities as a child, and has always felt deeply in tune with nature, animals and energy. Helena started using her abilities professionally in 2019. Helena is a registered yoga teacher, specializing in restore, yoga nidra, and meditation. She has a degree in art, with an emphasis in photography. Helena specializes in connecting to guides for the greatest good of clients, for their best outcome on their life path. She is also a medium and channels departed loved ones as well as pets.


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