Yoga for Couples: 5 Poses to Strengthen Your Bond

Date 10/14/2022
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Couple's yoga strengthens relationships as well as muscles

Couple's yoga strengthens relationships as well as muscles

Practicing yoga stretches both the mind and the body with positive results. Some enjoy yoga as a way to reduce stress and anxiety. But for others, you can take those healthy habits into your relationship with these bond-building yoga poses.

Hand-Holding Seated Twist

This counteracting pose uses resistance by the opposite partner so that both people achieve a deeper stretch. Deep breaths, hand holding, and gentle pressure build intimacy.

Start by facing each other in the seated cross-legged pose (sukhasana). Inhale and extend the spine. On the exhale, each partner turns to the right, reaching the right hand behind his or her back to grasp their partner's left hand. The left arm, in turn, will reach for the partner's right hand. 

Temple Pose

This simple beginner's pose brings you and your partner together like magnets for a full leg-to-shoulder tug.

Stand facing each other, with feet set under hips. Inhale, bring your arms above your head, and hinge at the hips until your hands meet your partner's. Slowly bend more deeply forward, flattening the arms and elbows completely against each other. 

With equal weight pressed between you and your partner, inhale and exhale, heavily releasing the stomach and chest toward the floor. 

This pose helps to open the shoulders and chest to engage the energetic heart. To further reach heart rhythm harmony with your partner, consult a live psychic

Tandem Boat

Rock the boat and bring humor to your workout as you try to avoid tipping over with this challenging pose.

Facing each other, bend your knees and flatten the soles of your feet against your partner's in the air. Holding each other's hands, lean back slightly and slowly without losing the foot contact.

Make sure to breathe as you slowly straighten your legs. Since one of you is likely more flexible, make sure not to move too quickly, which will make you both topple over.

Back-Bending Cobra Pose

This pose lets you and your partner take turns earning a small breather.

One of you lies on your stomach while the other stands over the reclined partner with one foot on each side. The standing person holds onto the other's hands, stretching their back upward into cobra. While stretching your partner into cobra, get in on the action by making as full of a back-bend as possible. 

This pose focuses on creating a healthy give-and-take dynamic. To further explore this facet of your relationship, chat with a psychic online

Partner Dancer

Relationships thrive when they're kept fresh. End on a flirty note with this pose, which both guys and girls enjoy without hesitation.

Begin in a standing pose and join right hands. Soften the knees into a slight bend and, in tandem, shift weight onto the right leg.

Bend the left knee and grab the inside of the left ankle or calf with the left hand. Press your elevated leg into your hand and open outward and back. Reach right arms up and press against each other's hands. You are relying on each other to maintain balance.

Gaze, laugh, and repeat on the other leg. 

Strike a yoga stance to bring your love literally closer and stronger. 


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