Why Are We So Mad? Dealing with Anger by Psychic Zoey

Date 2/26/2021

How can you best control your anger?

How can you best control your anger?

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We’ve been at it now for some time. Our new world, this “new normal”. We “mask up” when going outside. We strive to stay six feet (or more) away from our neighbors and friends, and in some instances, family. We bought up all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer like never before! Going out anywhere these days takes extra effort. But we try to smile, to pretend that it’s all ok. In some instances, we go to our jobs, we prepare our children for school and we try to keep the holidays as best we can. 

But all this “striving” eventually takes a toll on our psyche, on our bodies, and our souls. We feel fragmented inside. And the indefiniteness of the entire situation makes it more precarious.

So, what do we do? How do we cope with the “uncopable” (yes, that’s not really a word, lol)? People are driving faster, taking more chances. There’s been more abuse, depression and anger. These actions are coming out in many diverse ways. How do we deal with this unease and anger?

Here are several helpful ways of dealing with anger management, as we all must eventually do.

Controlled Anger

Basically, we can let it out or hold it in. There are techniques and tools that will help with both approaches. For instance, for those of us who just “let it out” whenever we feel something pressing against our sanity, haven’t we been told that this approach really hurts us, by allowing our systems to become so wired up? Perhaps a better way is controlled anger. When you’re feeling the urge to yell or scream, it might be a good idea to use a more contained approach. 

For instance, take an object you are not particularly fond of and smash it, throw it, or fling it in a safe zone. Or safely head outside and flip some pebbles over an embankment where you will not be hurting any living creatures, human or animal. Of course, my Guides always advocate asking permission of said object, as everything in this Universe has a resonance. 

Dance and Laugh Your Cares Away

Since anger has a physical component another excellent way of getting it out with control is by dancing. Yes, dancing. Perhaps create a wild, frenzied kind of step to music of your own choice. Jump, dance, sing, scream! This is your chance to let out those emotions. Do it right. Dance like no one is watching, this is all about you!

Another workable tool is that of humor. In every situation, particularly when you are feeling foolish, a good reaction is to find something amusing about it. Humor lets in our soft side and dissipates the harsh tenseness of anger. So, laugh. It’s worth it to look outside your narrow perspective and see things through a different space. 

Remember, with anger, we must respect the physical component but find a way to release it in a sane, non-hurtful way.

Redirect the Anger

The second way of dealing with anger is by not releasing it, but by redirecting it. Sounds contrary to what we already described? Well listen up… holding in your anger involves a decision followed by an instant redirection. Here’s what you do. 

Take a breath, and imagine this intense feeling being redirected toward a different source. This source can be a color. For instance, imagine your flaming red anger turning into the calmness of a blue sky. This should be a thought-out process with the scene erupting like a short video. 

Example: Picture your anger as a flaming red burst of color erupting from an underground volcano. Then turn this flaming color into the calmness of a serene setting sky, filled with purples or blues. In this way you dissipate your anger without disruption or hurt to anyone.

Make a Movie

To take this one step further, try creating a movie in your mind. Take your anger (whether you visualize it as a color or a person) and place this image into a personally made movie. This movie can have many scenes and take as long as you want it to take, as long as the ending evolves into a serene climax.

Are You Truly Centered?

And finally, know that whatever happens to us, whether happy or sad, can be viewed as exterior to who we really are. In other words, we can look at the scene, or person that caused us to feel the pain of anger, recognize the feeling within, but by the same token know that we do not have to subscribe to that angry feeling, that we can examine it, turn it around, transform it, and move on. This can be more easily accomplished if we are grounded in meditation and subsequent calmness, in other words if we are truly centered. This outlook will more certainly give us a healthy objectivity. 

Please consider choosing one of the above options when you feel your own anger beginning to erupt inside. Any of these ways of dealing with your own anger will help you to move ahead and keep grounded. Know that by using some of these coping skills, you can surely become your best self while helping to heal a fragmented planet.

And as we all move ahead together in a more united front, we can begin to express our differences without harming anyone else.

Much luv & lite to all!



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