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Published Date 1/15/2019
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You’d be astounded by how much positive thoughts and emotions can affect the physical world. Just by thinking happy thoughts, reading positive quotes, or acting in an uplifting manner, you can change your own outlook and the outlook of those around you. Explore different sides of positivity including powerful positive affirmations, quotes that will change your attitude, and the science of positivity.

Affirmations or statements do work when stated with confidence as it has the ability to program your mind in believing a stated concept. These positive affirmations are for a variety of situations to help you navigate throughout your day. 

Positive Affirmations for Women

  • I am an irresistible woman from the inside out.
  • I am a woman who is courageous, strong, gracious, irresistible, and loving.
  • I am a woman who is ever-evolving and expanding. I am a magnet for love, peace, and joy.
  • As a woman, I am an intuitive being and I follow my intuition which leads me to endless opportunities.
  • I erase all thoughts of negativity and I am open to newness and creating my world through positive thoughts, words, and actions.


Positive Affirmations for Kids

  • I am happy, safe, and loved.
  • It’s okay that I am different because I am perfect as I am.
  • I am smart and I am growing and learning all the time.
  • No one can hurt me or touch me for I am perfect in my own way and as I am.
  • I am loving to my family and friends. I am surrounding myself with loving friends.


Positive Affirmations for Work

  • I am a rock star at work, committed to doing and being my best!
  • The doors of opportunity are wide open for my advancement and I am ready to receive.
  • I love what I do and I am energized by the endless opportunities being presented to me.
  • Opportunity knocks at my door in unexpected ways as I let my brilliance shine for others to see.
  • I am opening the door for my brilliance to shine in the work that I do.


Positive Affirmations for Success

  • I am committed to my vision. The thoughts that I think, the words, that I speak, the actions that I take, and my vision are becoming my reality.
  • I am stepping into my success. With the thoughts that I think, the words that I speak, and the actions I take I am creating my new reality.
  • Where I am right now I am successful and courageous. I am taking the leap into the lap of my new world as I align with my heart’s desires.
  • Infinite possibilities are being presented to me for my success. I am successful.
  • I go around any perceived blocks in manifesting my life and heart’s desires. I am radiating success and confidence.


Affirmations for Morning

  • I am excited to greet the day and have another “do-over”.
  • I am loving and I am at peace and carry this with me throughout the day.
  • When I open my eyes I am grateful to be alive.
  • I rest in the moment knowing I am perfect as I am.
  • I know what I think I am attracting. I choose to attract life’s avalanches of abundance for I am ready to receive.


Affirmations for Night

  • I am surrounding myself in a blanket of translucent light as I rest my head on my pillow knowing I am protected and loved.
  • I release the energies of the day and breathe in gratitude for all the positive outcomes I am receiving.
  • I give thanks and gratitude for all that I have and I am resting in peace and joy.
  • I am surrounding my family and friends in love, peace, and light.
  • I am surrounding myself in a cocoon of peace, love, and light.
  • I am embracing the night for a peaceful sleep as I am giving thanks for the close of a day.


Affirmations for Anxiety

  • I am letting go of the worry and the fear as I am releasing it from my mental and physical body.
  • I am choosing to embrace the feeling of peace and love.
  • I am releasing the fear and doubt from my mind. I am replacing it with trust and faith. Everything is perfect in my world as it is now.
  • I am setting boundaries from any toxic situation.
  • I am attracting and creating a world with people who match my energy.


Positive Affirmations for Self-Esteem

  • I forgive and let go as I know I am a Divine Being.
  • I am worthy of receiving love, joy, and peace, as I raise my energy. I am a magnet for the wealth of abundance in my life.
  • My Soul is perfect and complete. I am aligning my human personality and body to my Soul.
  • My health, wealth, joy, and peace is the choice I am making throughout my day.
  • I am courageous, strong, and confident in my thoughts, words, and actions.


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