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Money Matters: Exploring Astrology's 2nd and 10th Houses by Psychic Donovan

Date 8/4/2023
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Somewhere along the way I started believing that I had less than stellar financial karma. No matter how hard I tried, it felt like I’d take like three steps forward and then two back. However, by through the use of astrology, I have been able to gain help and unpack some important pieces of me. Plus, a little at a time, love was good to me. Maybe some of this will be helpful to you too, as we take a deep dive into the 2nd House Astrology and 10th House Astrology.

2nd House Astrology

The 2nd House Astrology Factor

Astrology teaches that a person’s natal chart is a map of the ever-changing sky at the time of a person’s birth. As you already know, this astrology chart has twelve houses or sections, just like any other kind of map has sections or sectors. The 2nd house is innately associated with Taurus (wealth, luxury, comfort, and the planet Venus). This section or house shows us what celestial influences will be impacting our personal finances, properties, and riches: anything that represents material value to you. The Second House in Astrology shows us the influences behind our dealings with the material realm. Understanding the influences in the 2nd house will lend you convenient crib notes to consider when trying to improve your access to stability and material resources and how to improve them and make them bigger.

There are two things I recommend looking for when examining 2nd house astrology for advantages and insights on how to improve and maximize your financial stability, wealth, and the value behind those material possessions that make your heart sing.

Astrology Houses

2nd House Astrology and Your Natal Chart

The sign found on the cusp of the beginning of the 2nd house of your natal chart shows what influences and determines the tools and advantages you have for approaching and cultivating things of material value. This sign on the cusp of the beginning of the 2nd house also highlights your overall relationship with things you find valuable and the nature of your relationship with the material realm.

Okay. Where the heck is the beginning of the 2nd house cusp? If you look at your natal chart like it is a clock, the 1st house is right between 8 and 9 o’clock. Follow the clock counterclockwise and the next section is the 2nd house, right between 7 and 8 o’clock. The sign that shows up on the border zone between the 1st and 2nd house is the 2nd house cusp. The “2nd house cusp” is an important distinction because some houses will have more than one sign in them. The sign on the cusp is the primary influencer, and the other signs in the 2nd house are similar to substitute teachers.

Planets in the Second House

Planets in the Second House

Once you know the astrological sign associated with your 2nd house cusp, you can start looking at what planets are found in the 2nd house of your natal chart. Why? These luminaries determine and influence how we use the tools and advantages we have for ensuring security and stability in the material world. Combined with the sign found on the cusp, the two together give us a clearer, more personalized insight into what tools and advantages we have at our disposal, and how best to use our tools and advantages in the most self-actualized way.

To put it another way, and I know I am being a total California-boy with this analogy but pretend your 2nd house is a TV show about the money, wealth, and value possessions sector of your life. The 2nd house cusp sign is the star (aka the lead actor) of the tv show, while the planets are the supporting actors and situations whose job it is to introduce you to yourself by helping and inspiring you.

2nd House Astrology – Who Gives a C**p?

Yes. That is really the question I kept asking, and I keep asking. How will knowing and understanding the signs and planets in my 2nd house astrology improve and increase the material things that I value right now, right? That 1991 version of my fresh home from the Persian Gulf, I was dusty and tired and broke. I had my anger and a duffel bag full of my Marine Corps uniforms. Nothing else. Grandma’s parting shot before she passed was to remind me how I have Scorpio in my 2nd house cusp and Neptune and Mars planets hanging out, too. I stayed polite. And when I finally got tired of being a martyr, tired of being hard on myself, it was pretty clear that the one material possession I have, more valuable than anyone has ever told me, was being totally overlooked by me.

The 2nd house, the sign that rules it and any planets and luminaries there or transiting through, offers insight into your self-worth. How you do value yourself? The first house covers self-image, but the 2nd house represents your self-esteem. What do you believe you’re worthy of? What traits do you value in yourself? Seeing how this 2nd house astrology encourages not only making the process of working on my sense of self-worth a daily requirement for having greater material comfort, but I was also reminded again, and will likely need to be reminded a million times more, that this Universe loves me and is on my side. I cannot be and have what I am not; I can only have and see what I am.

Second House Predictions and the Sun

Second House Predictions

The different times the various luminaries transit through the 12 houses until they reach the placement in the sky, they were at the moment you were born, only to do it all over again, is a transit. Tracking transits are vital for predictive astrology. Will tracking who’s visiting your 2nd house be helpful for improving your finances? Absolutely.

The Sun is the epitome of happiness. No different when it is moving through the 2nd house. The focus will obviously be on your finances and possessions. This transit is a call to balance your money situation. Are you paying too little attention to things that eat up your time and provide no value to you? The Sun will shine the light on your next move; that is, the Sun in your 2nd house is a time when you’ll be really ambitious to highlight and specify your next move. Think of all the times you’ve felt driven to improve your financial life right around the time of your birthday. This transit lasts approximately 30 days. 

Each year you will experience a new moon in your 2nd house. There is no better time to start or sign-on to a new money-making venture. Six months later is the full moon in your 2nd house, and this is the Mount Everest of resetting financial goals or project intentions.

You are probably asking, What about Jupiter, the Lord of Fortune, in the 2nd house? Jupiter takes about 12 years to go full circle. Because there are retrogrades, the timing sometimes varies. All variance aside, you will get a full year of Jupiter in your 2nd house every 12 years. Period. Is the wait worth it? Does the experience live up to the anticipation of the Lord of Fortune travelling through your 2nd house? Yes. The Jupiter Return years are fantastic times to develop the skill of seeing yourself and feeling yourself as bigger than your problems and your worries.

I do not recommend tracking the transits of every luminary that visits your 2nd house. Nor do I have time to cover more than the select few I have covered in this article. I recommend starting by only tracking luminaries of what astrologers call The Big Six: the Ascendant, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

10th House Astrology

10th House Astrology – Money and Career are Not The Same

Money and career are two different entities. I know there needs to be some mention of what the 10th house represents, because your career and the things of material prosperity, however they may be defined for you, are most definitely interconnected. Career activity and material prosperity are often interconnected the way vehicles and destinations are related. The 10th house is located at the very top of the birth chart. This is the apex of your unique story. Some people call it the Midheaven. The 10th house in astrology governs professional aspirations and career achievements. Think ambition and service.

Some people also call the 10th house The House of Social Status. This didn’t mean anything to me for the longest time. I knew in my heart of hearts I would be of service to others for my career. Whether you were happy, downtrodden, hero, or criminal, if you needed a boost, an uplifter of some kind, I would be your man. I knew that this was my mission in life. And when I learned that the sign on my 10th house cusp was Cancer, and really studied it, I finally saw myself.

Cancer is the mother of the Zodiac, always making a home, protecting, and providing a foundation for others. I can’t quantify how many fostered humans and critters have stayed with me. Cancer is a sensitive sign where feelings and real experience count more than cold logic. Yes, I am a total drama queen. Cancer energy is always nurturing, sensitive, tender, and moody. It feeds on emotional comforts, and often has a strong attachment to the past and ancestry and antiquity. 

Accepting and Understanding the Aspects in Your 2nd and 10th House

My closing point… forgiving myself and my life has led to greater acceptance and understanding, especially with the circumstances influenced by the aspects in my 2nd and 10th houses on the cusp. This acceptance and understanding have helped me appreciate and utilize the uniqueness that is mine and remember again that this Universe loves me and is on my side. I wish for you all the love in the world, and I am excited to watch as we each improve our sense of self-worth and thus enjoy the expansion of those many things that hold material value for us.


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Donovan grew up in a home where the psychic arts and performing readings for others was considered a privilege and a folk art to be nurtured and treasured. Donovan’s number one love has been reading for others, and he has been doing so professionally since 1995. Donovan has degrees in English Literature, Creative Writing, and Business Management. When Donovan is not reading for others he enjoys reading and writing about the Hermetic sciences: Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Qabalah, Theurgy, etc.


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