Seeing Past the Charm: Narcissists

Published Date 1/19/2017
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Learn how to identify a hidden narcissist

Narcissists can be incredibly charming, and they’re experts at drawing you close and keeping you engaged. Behind that veneer of perfection, however, narcissists can be extremely selfish and manipulative. Learn how to identify the signs of a narcissist, and discover how you can stop becoming involved with these calculating individuals.

How to Identify a Narcissist

When you meet a narcissist, the signs aren’t always easy to spot. Remember that narcissists are excellent liars, and they’re also experienced people pleasers. That means they know how to exhibit qualities you want to see, such as confidence and fearlessness, in order to draw you in.

At first, you might fall victim to their confidence and believe that they’re just as great as they appear. You’ll quickly notice, however, that narcissists have an obsession with building themselves up while bringing others down. That means they want to appear to be the best, but they don’t care if they actually meet the requirements.

If you suspect that you’re becoming involved with someone who exhibits the signs of narcissism, stop and ask yourself who is benefitting from the relationship. An authentic psychic can help you determine whether you’re in a relationship with a healthy balance of give and take or if your counterpart is a narcissist.

How Narcissism Affects You

As people pleasers, narcissists are natural charmers. They’ll make you feel like you’re the center of their attention, but you’ll soon realize that they’re constantly looking for the next best thing. Since narcissists are always on the lookout for another opportunity or relationship, they tend to avoid commitment. If you’re looking for some kind of assurance, you’re bound to feel increasingly insecure, a feeling that narcissists simply can’t understand.

Because they create falsely inflated images of themselves, narcissists often do the same when they meet new people. At first, a narcissist might put you on a pedestal, viewing you in an ideal way. Once your relationship deepens and your natural, human traits and quirks begin to emerge, a narcissist will quickly become disillusioned. Even though you’ve been forthcoming with the real you, you might be the one left heartbroken.

How to Break the Pattern of Engagement

Since relationships with narcissists can be incredibly damaging, it’s important to know how to distance yourself. Once you’ve identified a narcissist in your life, you can break the pattern by changing your expectations. Rather than expecting your friend or significant other to fulfill promises, understand that a narcissist never will.

No matter what kind of relationship you have with a narcissist, understand that the two of you will never achieve true intimacy. While there’s nothing wrong with keeping a narcissist in your life, accept that he or she won’t exhibit vulnerability, and narcissists may reject you if you demonstrate significant weaknesses. By maintaining an appropriate level of distance, you may be able to keep a narcissist in your life without experiencing substantial hurt or heartbreak.

Whether you have a lengthy history of relationships with narcissists or you think you may have fallen under the spell for the first time, it’s not too late to break the pattern. A psychic reading can help you determine where you stand in the relationship and identify an escape path when necessary. 

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