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Relationship Red Flags

Date 7/31/2017

Relationship Red Flags

Relationship red flags are key indicators that something needs to be validated or questioned. They can be difficult to spot, and often show up as a gut feeling that something isn't quite right. They also have a nasty way of revealing themselves more fully over time, so that what seemed like a quirky behavior at first later turns into an uncomfortable pattern the deeper you're in. If only there were a way to spot the problems before you're in too deep! Well, there is. 

How 'innocent' quirks turn into bigger issues
Say she wants to spend all her free time with you, because well, you're falling in love. But later you realize that she's just not comfortable being alone, ever, and her neediness begins to feel suffocating. Or you find, after the 'honeymoon phase,' that he's irritated and jealous if you spend time with others, which feels controlling. Or say when you try to move the relationship forward, a wall goes up and you feel frozen out. There are tons of articles and blog posts naming the various red flags in relationships, but often you need an objective source of support to help spot the dynamics at play in your own life.

Can a psychic help me spot relationship red flags?
Yes! A psychic can help you spot narcissists, codependents, controllers or other negative relationship dynamics that may be hidden from view until it's too late. Intuitive Advisors have learned to honor and make sense of those gut feelings that we so often dismiss out of hand, especially when hope and attraction clouds our judgement. Whether they use a tool like Tarot or Astrology, or have learned to call upon Spirit Guides or Angels for guidance, or simply see, feel or know information without being told, a gifted psychic Advisor can "tune into" your relationship and spot trouble before it occurs.  Then, and perhaps most significantly, you can together plot a course of action to move forward towards the best outcome for you.  


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