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Featured Review SimplyErin 6/21/2021 stars Phone Reading

On point.!! I enjoyed the reading… very accurate…

Miss Texas1 7/2/2022 stars Phone Reading

She reads as soon as she connects. It's amazing the gifts she has! She answers my questions before I even have a chance to ask - spectacular!

FireDancer 6/26/2022 stars Chat Reading

This was a very insightful and accurate reading of the situation. No easy answers for sure, but everything tracked to my situation.

Vanessa 6/26/2022 stars Phone Reading

Another accurate prediction! Tansy predicted back in March my position at work would be coming to an end and 3rd week of June it all unfolded as she said. Do not miss a reading with Tansy!

Sunnybunny33 6/19/2022 stars Phone Reading

Tansy blew my mind. She pulled cards as we connected and literally read my life for the past 3 months before even hearing my voice. She was spot on. She gave me so much information I forgot what questions I had.

Vanessa 6/12/2022 stars Phone Reading

As always thank you for another detailed reading :) the cards definitely confirmed how the number sequences landed for me. Change is coming. Thank you!

Cjennette 6/12/2022 stars Phone Reading

Although we ran out of time she is truly gifted and appreciated. Thank you so much for providing me with not just clarity but a reason as well

Mary Miracles 5/15/2022 stars Phone Reading

Tandy is great energy!!! Very warm and loved her laughs with the reading. Very accurate. Loved this. Will call again! ~Mary

pcates 5/7/2022 stars Phone Reading

Every now and then you speak with a psychic who explain what they see in such a way that you know that what they are saying goes beyond the norm. Tansy sees the total picture. It may be good, or it may be something that is not exactly what you want to hear, but the way Tansy explains it, with clarity, honesty and genuine guidance, well, you just can't deny her true abilities. Her abilities are incredible! I recommend her highly and will call her again. Thank you

Tansy replied...

Thank you Dearheart. It's not easy to deliver news that people don't want to hear. I try to keep in mind how it may feel to hear something disappointing so I try to give as much information as possible to give context.

lladewig45 4/30/2022 stars Phone Reading

Fantastic person who gives a spot on reading!! The best if the best.