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Psychic Zara x3365 stars Phone Reading

Just had a reading where I was looking for clarity. I had been watching a lot of YouTube videos about my zodiac Sign (Libra) and how much luck and love I was supposed to be receiving soon. I asked her about a relationship situation as me and my partner are both Libras. She gave me realistic timelines and a great starting point to get myself back on track. I’ll be back in 3months to say how things ended up panning our. I left feeling good with the direction I was seeking guidance for. Thanks a bunch!


Psychic Analisa x8670 stars Phone Reading

Analisa was able to show me prospective into a tough situation. I asked her about a Love that may have been lost, but she was able to ease my heart by reassuring me that it was outta my control and the person in question has some things they need to sort out.


Psychic Liz x7127 stars Phone Reading

To the point, and very informative. I asked about love and relationships, Liz immediately noticed that we had a disagreement. She gave me great advice and let me know to be more patient. She was to the point and very accurate. Looking forward to our next session, overall please with her skill and ability.