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Psychic Esme x3498 stars Phone Reading

Kinda disappointed. Lot of pointed questions - I came here because I don't know :(


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Psychic Claudette x3136 stars Phone Reading

We'll see if timeline comes to pass! Too bad reviews can't be updated.


Psychic Orion x9761 stars Phone Reading

Very reassuring, but kind of repetitive.


Psychic Julia x4667 stars Phone Reading

Very cut and dried, short answers based heavily on Tarot cards, and not a comfortable read, We'll see!


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Psychic Jenicka x9859 stars Phone Reading

Big predictions about my (lol) nonexistent love life that quickly shifted and made no sense in light of her overall reading or my life overall? Not sure if just spitballing. Pretty skeptical. We'll see I guess!


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Psychic Cielo x3534 stars Phone Reading

Long-winded 5 minutes to answer one question, but gave me a very clear timeline (in a few days). We'll see :)


Psychic Sylvia x4706 stars Phone Reading

Asked cards out loud, talked very quickly but could be more concise. Lots of energy, had to take gasps of breath haha but was hard to redirect to my questions. We'll see how predictions go


Psychic Adan x3018 stars Phone Reading

Wow. Very clear details, timelines, does not beat around the bush or waste your minutes. Cuts straight to the heart of the matter and addresses my questions directly, succinctly. Does not shy away from telling you how it is and what the cards say, but he does not judge - he simply speaks facts. I've been using Psychic Source for almost two decades and I am blown away by his energy. I ADORE THIS MAN. So frank and so sincere lmao. So great. I almost didn't want to review him because I want to keep him a secret, HAHAH. He deserves his laurels.. but also, I hope this reading doesn't get him too much attention so I can come to him when I need him again LOL thank you Adan! Adore you!


Psychic Joy x7744 stars Phone Reading

Didn't really answer my question and took a while to get to the point, which ended up being a repetition of what I commented about my own feelings. Felt quite generic. I want to say we'll see, but I don't know since there was no actual prediction. Kind, but not for me.


Psychic Carla x7682 stars Phone Reading

I hate when I am asking specifically about a friend and psychics assume it's to do with romance. Said I was a lightworker/had squeaky clean energy, which was nice. Asked about outcome and said I'd reconnect with my childhood friend - thought she didn't say if he'd reach out or what. Didn't really have much to go off, felt generic. We'll see I guess.