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Psychic Fabiola x3277 stars Phone Reading

Pretty off the mark, I asked about a good platonic friend in the hopes of healing severe damage and moving forward but the whole reading went off the rails about him and a potential romance? Also asked a lot of questions which made me hesitant. My friend is also Latino, not American. Seemed like a lot of guesswork / pretty generic to me. Maybe just not a good match but she tried her best to be knowledgeable and kind. Thanks!


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Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Chat Reading

I feel like she told me what I wanted to hear. We'll see, I guess.


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Psychic Nina x3558 stars Phone Reading

Told her I was surprised at her reading and she shifted gears. So far everything she's mentioned are things I've considered, but her predictions are always new and further ahead. Not sure if just cold reading and stringing me along or if they will come to fruition. Guess we'll see.


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Psychic Alida x8101 stars Phone Reading

Disappointed. I started favoriting Alida because I looked up my old records and found that a lot of her predictions from a few years ago came true - not in the timeline she said, but still. It just might be because they're generic. Today I called back for the 3rd/4th time due to this openness to her capabilities, but she kept saying how great my friendship is going (it's not, I cut them off because they're toxic as hell and as a logic I'm questioning my decision) and didn't pause or anything to actually read the situation. In the past she's had some tidbits right and even congratulated me on a job I didn't know I'd get, which encouraged me. However she's tried to grill ME for answers in the past and I've come to think it's just bits and pieces like this that come fortuitously and not so much reliable reading each time. I've had one other reader be honest and tell me "I'm going to hang up because I know I can't help you with this, it isn't my strength." I just wish she was similarly honest because I'd come back to her otherwise.


Psychic Dove x9988 stars Phone Reading

Asked more questions than she answered. Not a good match.


Psychic Alida x8101 stars Phone Reading

Skeptical but she did pick up on a life event that I never mentioned. One of my preferred readers.


Psychic Nirvana x3405 stars Phone Reading

Interesting. Not sure if it was an off day but she kept answering my questions with regards to romance - which is interesting because all of them were about same-sex friends, and work advice. None about romantic partners whatsoever, and I had to correct her several times for her to get back on track. A lot slower and time-consuming this time. Bit disappointing given my first reading with her.. oh well.


Psychic Radha x3490 stars Phone Reading

Gave solid self-healing, self-protective advice. Bit repetitive til my minutes ran out. We'll see what happens.


Psychic Nirvana x3405 stars Phone Reading

I’m usually incredibly skeptical and take notes to see how accurate or how much sense my readings actually make. I’ve used this site for over 10 years and Nirvana is the first time I can say I felt truly seen. I felt attuned to her message and despite the fact that she does not use fancy tools she is highly intuitive and perceptive; I did not take notes this time. I purposely kept my question vague (as you should) and she picked up not only on what had happened with someone I had met and could not shake off, she also picked up on how unstable and confusing my life is, even though I only asked about advice regarding my career. She even advised me as to how to cleanse myself very thoroughly of the energies from that nagging encounter. Super excited that someone understands the guidance I need for my own abilities and how strong her wisdom was. Will definitely be using her for big future advice. I hardly spend time with people but I wish I could meet her in person, as a fellow healer I can vouch that she is truly one of a kind. Thank you so much!


Psychic Alida x8101 stars Phone Reading

Said relationships which I personally find extremely distasteful, but sort of valuable, were not necessarily unhealthy because they served a purpose. Whatever that purpose is I'm not entirely sure, but I suppose I agree. Here a grain of truth perhaps. I seem to have developed trust with her despite the borderline generic readings. Here's to clearer answers in due time.