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Psychic Keanu x3600 stars Phone Reading

You know. I'm a logic through and through and always SO suspicious of people who read well - I always think it just means they READ people well. But I barely said a sentence and Keanu paused and proceeded to.. read my mind? I've had a reading before where he predicted someone would contact me in 30 days (it was 29, but I reached out first - AHA!) so I was hesitant, but I finally looked up his schedule and spoke to him for a few minutes. He was mindful of the standard 3 minutes I had, and right as I was about to panic a bit (1 min remaining) he answered the rest of my questions without me having to ask (and made sure to answer one more I asked before I knew time was up). Both intelligent/insightful and intuitive, and I am cautious to admit I greatly enjoy speaking with Keanu/him seemingly very accurately assessing me. He mentioned POI's root trauma with feminine energy and my masculine energy - something I think about with POI often, and I wonder if I perhaps clearly speak that way? Either way, he is VERY good for someone who has no idea who I am or who I was asking about, and told me the weird nature of our dynamic - I just couldn't help but keep chuckling at all the things he said that have been flitting through my mind. He also said I'd receive apologetic contact in 18 days - 2 fewer days than I was planning on contacting POI and mentioned the release of the eclipse, which is what I was waiting out for another couple days to see how I really felt too. Guess we'll see how this goes! I'm gonna wait it out and let POI contact me this time ;) Thanks Keanu! You're the best! This was so much fun - definitely gonna stick with you next time!


Psychic Julie x8015 stars Phone Reading

Her profile message immediately gave me mediumship vibrations. I ended up buying 3 more readings, which is very uncharacteristic for me. Pretty respectful of time when you tell her. No idea how accurate, but hit the nail on the head on one relationship and specific enough for me to track these next few months. We'll see!


Psychic Nicholas x3532 stars Phone Reading

Not quite sure how to interpret. Had a few questions and took the entire reading to answer one question when I prefaced I had several. To be fair, it was a lost object; however, it was very repetitive and I'm not sure how generic it is.


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Psychic Pippa x4679 stars Phone Reading

Bit disappointed after reading the other reviews and hoping for the same. Took her quite a while to explain and I had to repeat my question (timeline for possible action?) several times for her to finally understand and come up with a response. Not sure why she thought I was asking about what I would choose to do, I'm obviously my own agent. Decided not to move forward after 4 minutes of the back and forth. I did want to like her, so I hope it was just a bad moment and that her predictions come true.


Psychic Melea x7905 stars Phone Reading

Right as I tapped in to my POI in my mind's eye, she spoke and my eyes opened. She is a very confident reader; her pacing is in tune with my real time intuition. She comes with very specific timelines and right when I begin to wonder if she is simply gauging my language, she comes with bits of strong information. I will see if her predictions come to pass, but so far - enjoyed the harmony with her vibration.


Psychic Esme x3498 stars Phone Reading

Kinda disappointed. Lot of pointed questions - I came here because I don't know :(


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Psychic Claudette x3136 stars Phone Reading

We'll see if timeline comes to pass! Too bad reviews can't be updated.


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Psychic Orion x9761 stars Phone Reading

Very reassuring, but kind of repetitive.


Psychic Julia x4667 stars Phone Reading

Very cut and dried, short answers based heavily on Tarot cards, and not a comfortable read, We'll see!


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Psychic Jenicka x9859 stars Phone Reading

Big predictions about my (lol) nonexistent love life that quickly shifted and made no sense in light of her overall reading or my life overall? Not sure if just spitballing. Pretty skeptical. We'll see I guess!