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Psychic Seraphina x9023 stars Phone Reading

Reading 8/16. I asked about when job offer would be coming in. She predicted the start of the process 8/23 and 8/26 like interviews, phone calls back and forth, etc.. I received a phone call from a company I had interviewed with beginning of August and thoughts for sure I’d never hear from them again. I received a call on 8/21 from that company asking me for dates and times for a 2nd interview. Interview occurred 8/27. For a time prediction that is scary close! The second interview was very intense. Lasted 3 hours with 2 panel interviews and meeting with the CEO and HR. Will update again of job offer comes through. Thank you Seraphina!


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Psychic Cory x7690 stars Phone Reading

Reading on 4/8, she saw a job offer within 12. Received job offer 10 days later! She also said I’d have 2 options. I was contacted about a potential second offer but the timing is a little off but we will keep in touch for potential future opportunity. I got the job as she predicted within 12! Slam dunk Cory! You’re awesome!


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Psychic Ivanka x3372 stars Phone Reading

Follow up from 3/25 and 4/2 reading: I asked Ivanka about career and any potential job offers. She detailed a job I had applied for and absolutely nailed all of the specifics about this potential job. She said there was a significant delay and she saw an 8 and a 4 but she did see this job coming through as an offer. I continued to apply for other jobs and followed up with her again on 4/2 as I hadn’t received any interviews or potential offers except the job we had spoken about in 1st reading. Well she referenced this job again and said they were working on my job description and that was part of the delay. She said the offer would come via email. On 4/11 I receive a job description in an email from said company with an apology for the delay and asked me to review and call them with any questions. We had a brief phone conversation and I was asked if I wanted to discuss salary. I provided my initial offer and I was told id be followed up with early following week. I hear nothing. No phone calls no counter offer. On 4/18 at 3pm I receive an email with a job offer letter with the salary I had asked for!! From 3/25 to offer letter email was 4 weeks. From 4/18 to agreed upon start date...exactly 8 weeks! Ivanka is incredible. I wasn’t too sure this offer was going to come through as it just seemed like one big delay. Her accuracy was so dead on! I don’t usually put too much weight on timelines but hers were exact. Truly amazing. Thank you Ivanka!!


Psychic Ivanka x3372 stars Phone Reading

Wow! Ivanka is really really good. She read current events happening in my career exactly as they have been unfolding. The delays, the type of position, etc...she was so accurate. Waiting for the final outcome (fingers crossed!) and will return with follow up review based on prediction. Thank you Ivanka!


Psychic Brodi x7563 stars Phone Reading

I’ve been receiving readings from Brodi for a long time and she consistently reads the energy correctly. I’m going through a career transition and she has the energy spot on as always. Thanks so much Brodi for your accuracy and your kindness. I really appreciate you***


Psychic Durga x3293 stars Phone Reading

Durga is very thorough and provides a lot of information in a short amount of time. She also follows up with a personal message and reminders of dates and things to watch out for over the coming months. Will provide more feedback once events start to unfold. Thank you Durga.


Psychic Solstice x3348 stars Phone Reading

Amazing reading! Solstice was able to bring out details of a career situation and poi that couldn’t have been known. She made short and long term detailed predictions with dates. I’ve learned timelines aren’t the most reliable but will be back with another review if any of her predictions come to pass. Thank you Solstice. Great reading please try her****


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Psychic Amy x7886 stars Phone Reading

I moved out of state late 2017 for a job opportunity despite Amy’s advice at the time probably wasn’t a good idea. She also said I’d be back in my home state again after a year if I accepted the offer. I resigned from out of state job after 13 months and starting new job back in my home state in June. Really good offer too*** Keep in mind she saw all of this fall of 2017 and stayed true to her readings even when I’ve followed up with her during 2018 and Feb. 2019. She’s the real deal. Thank you for not wavering Amy.


Psychic Ostara x3306 stars Phone Reading

So accurate with current career situation. Read everything perfectly. Will see if predictions come to pass. Thank you Ostara*


Psychic Elizabeth x8928 stars Phone Reading

For several months Elizabeth has been telling me something is off with the company I’m working with. Before Christmas I told her I was on track for a promotion and she did not see it in the cards, and as a matter of fact advised I start looking for another job. Within the last 2 weeks the program with the organization which I thought I was growing into is now crumbling and I just submitted my resignation to avoid having my entire career adversely impacted by the shady actions of this company. I didn’t want to believe Elizabeth and I became defensive when she told me I wouldn’t be promoted and to start preparing to leave. She was so right. Timelines are always tricky but she is not wrong no matter how much I wish she would be at times. Thank you for standing by your readings Elizabeth.