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Psychic Ricky x8106 stars Phone Reading

Ricky is very accurate and pulls names that are too specific for him to make up. Our conversations have been mainly focused on career and he sees some very specific things coming up so as events unfold will update here. Thank you, Ricky***


Psychic Paulina x3575 stars Phone Reading

Paulina was very accurate in her reading of the current circumstances with my career. She was able to describe everything perfectly without much input from me. Time will tell as to her predictions, but I felt very confident I was getting a solid reading from her. Thank you Paulina, I will be back!


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Psychic Sage x8292 stars Phone Reading

In August Sage predicted one offer would come in and another right behind it and I’d have to decide. Now in November/December that’s exactly what happened! Because she made the prediction in August and I didn’t see it unfold quickly I thought maybe she got it wrong. Nope! Just have to be patient and let timing reveal itself. Thanks Sage!


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Psychic Amy x7886 stars Phone Reading

I called Amy just before I was moving out of Florida 2 years ago and she said I’d be moving back. I didn’t believe her I really thought once I had left that was it. Well Amy was right I am going back. She is right in not committing to timelines because I always assume readings will unfold instantly and sometimes they do, but I’ve had readings unfold a year and now 2 years later. If Amy keeps telling you the same prediction over and over and it hasn’t happened yet just keep praying and hang in there and let the timeline play out. Thanks Amy!


Psychic Magick Tami x7275 stars Phone Reading

Update 12/2: she predicted I’d have a job offer by the end of the month. No possible. Called her back again few days later she said I’d have a job offer within a week. I don’t see it. Today I received a job offer from an opportunity I turned down months ago and thought they would never consider me again. She was right!! Predictions accurate!


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Psychic Seraphina x9023 stars Phone Reading

I’m so sorry Seraphina but the job offer timeline 9/16-9/20 or 10/16-10/17 didn’t happen. I am at a loss myself. I so wish you would have been right. Everything is falling apart. I’m praying.


Psychic Abigail x9710 stars Phone Reading

Prediction of 2 job offers by the second week of September did not happen.


Psychic Jane x3369 stars Phone Reading

Follow up 9/30/19: Prediction of a job offer by the end of August did not happen.


Psychic Holly x9605 stars Phone Reading

Follow up 9/30/19: prediction of a job offer within 28 days from 8/17 reading did not happen


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Psychic Seraphina x9023 stars Phone Reading

Reading 8/16. I asked about when job offer would be coming in. She predicted the start of the process 8/23 and 8/26 like interviews, phone calls back and forth, etc.. I received a phone call from a company I had interviewed with beginning of August and thoughts for sure I’d never hear from them again. I received a call on 8/21 from that company asking me for dates and times for a 2nd interview. Interview occurred 8/27. For a time prediction that is scary close! The second interview was very intense. Lasted 3 hours with 2 panel interviews and meeting with the CEO and HR. Will update again of job offer comes through. Thank you Seraphina!