Psychic Susan x7963

Psychic Susan x7963

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Featured Review candyrob1 2/25/2021 stars Phone Reading

I love Susan! Always encouraging and on point with her predictions. Doesn’t sugar coat, however empathetic and compassionate. I’ve been reading with Susan for years! Thank you for all you do for me

Santito 9/9/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it. Plan to keep you posted.

7868039119 9/7/2021 stars Phone Reading

She was on point I love my reading you have amazing gift Thank you!!

Santito 8/26/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for the updated information. I understand a delay in the process but worth the wait for changes. You brought peace to my soul.

Santito 8/19/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for sharing and letting me know a delay in process but worth the wait. Also, boss is nicer and was spoken too. Plan to keep you posted. Your totally awesome!

Santito 8/5/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for the update, I appreciate it. Delay in process but continuing forward. Also, for the validation of my dysfunctional family, you were correct. Per my Mom, stay away and I will. Your totally awesome and genuine

Santito 7/29/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for the updated information and the peace of mind. Plan to keep you posted. You are totally Awesome

Santito 7/20/2021 stars Phone Reading

She's Awesome! Picked up on the information with details. Looking forward to hearing some good news. Plan to return soon, if needed! She appears very gifted, sincere and genuine.

scorpifll 7/12/2021 stars Phone Reading

Love her. She's quick to the point. No sugar coating. The timing may be off sometimes but the content is 100%. Will always use her for her accuracy and her min rates.

scollin 7/6/2021 stars Phone Reading

Great reading !