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Psychic Stasch x9303 stars Phone Reading

I don't think he connected at all to my poi bc he did not get his personality.


Psychic Joshua x4713 stars Phone Reading

Tbh...I think he is underated. He has picked up well on the two ppl around me with details that I gave no clue on. There are others who didn't pick up on even half of what he did. With one person in particular, who I'm very connected to, what Josh has told me aligns with my dreams and visions given to me from God so I know he is correct. Things should be unfolding soon. Will keep you updated Josh. Thank you.


Psychic Kay x7102 stars Phone Reading

Good reading with Kay.


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Psychic Louisa x7324 stars Phone Reading

Nice and I do think she does pick up on things at sometimes but mostly I feel she says the same thing no matter who I'm asking about. Never give more than what the person is giving to you.


Psychic Esme x3498 stars Phone Reading

Good. I asked about 4 different poi and she picked up on all of them correctly.. saw their occupation etc. Very good reading. She made a prediction...will see how that goes!


Psychic Devi x3197 stars Phone Reading

Typically readings are good with her but this reading was a bit confusing about the who and what and I didn't get as much clarity and specifics that she typically does give. She made some predictions for tomorrow and this weekend so will see how this pans out.


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Psychic Shannon x9081 stars Phone Reading

Very helpful and most telling is her consistency which isn't the case for most. Being able to see the overall outcome and not just what it looks like right now is extremely important for me. She made some predictions boldly that haven't changed so will see in May if she is correct. I will be back if she is.


Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Phone Reading

Very helpful. Will see if her prediction pans out


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Psychic Joanne x4733 stars Phone Reading

She is nice and direct but I don't believe she was picking up on the right energies bc what was spoken didn't and does not apply to me or poi asked about.


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Psychic Nina x3558 stars Phone Reading

She is nice and energetic but some key things about poi situation with me she did not know which was very key to the reading and questions I asked in particular. Then changed the story a bit when I did give her this vital detail. Sorry ...not confident in with this reading.