Psychic Sofia x7965

Psychic Sofia x7965

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Featured Review LadyDiana10 5/23/2021 stars Phone Reading

Excellent as always. My voice of reason. Sofia is highly accurate with reading the situation and predicting the outcome. She is great to talk with and I have been reading with her over several months. She has never let me down. She is honest and her predictions happen.

jasmina01 9/18/2021 stars Phone Reading

she's provided me with so much clarity. amazing to talk to this was my first reading and I’m really happy with it

ellencat 9/11/2021 stars Phone Reading

Dear Sofia, whenever I come back to you for a reading, it's like reconnecting with my very special friend over the years! Thank you for your great talents, gifts, and inspiration. I sure needed it. Love you!!

Focus1957 9/10/2021 stars Chat Reading

Accurate reading

Jeff123 8/13/2021 stars Phone Reading

I have relied on Sofia for sometime now....very good at reading the energy of POI....If you can, just give me a rating (1-10) on my number one question...LOL

Janina 8/4/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you! Very positive and uplifting just when I needed that the most!

Jennifer1963 7/24/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sofia is sweet and she was accurate about my POI. Thank you!!!

Jeff123 7/24/2021 stars Phone Reading

She has been a very good friend over the past six months..just letting her know that I do appreciate her

lakane619 7/24/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Sophia.

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chrissy17 7/22/2021 stars Phone Reading

I had a lot of hope with this reader bc she was SO positive in the beginning about the outcome between me and POI but after talking a few more times, it changed. I talk to psy to know what to expect ahead so I am not wasting my time with certain ppl an things and expectations are met. I do think she is gifted but did not warn me of this, otherwise I would have put on brakes a long time ago instead of going ahead.