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Featured Review 4everGrateful 7/23/2021 stars Phone Reading

Wonderful as always! You know how much I appreciate you…

bn3306 11/29/2023 stars Phone Reading

I've been reading with her almost every week. Prepare a pen and paper because she will give you a lot of information that you will want to read it later on. Some of it may not make sense but write it down as everything just clicks when it all happens. The cards MJ uses are powerful. I think she uses Russian or Oracle cards or "ancient" cards that can provide crazy amount of details and state of emotions of your POI. For my situation, she has been accurate even with dates +/- 1 day. She is also so fun to talk to so expect some laughs with her. She is totally worth the wait in line, and i consider her to be among top advisors without the premium price.

4everGrateful 11/28/2023 stars Phone Reading

November of 2020 was the first time I talked to MaryJane, I was new to this site and going through the most painful and difficult time of my life. Since the first time I talk to her, she and her cards told me that at the end of my journey everything would be okay. Every time I called, MJ and her cards kept seeing the same outcome, the message NEVER changed. There were times when I was losing hope, but MaryJane lifted me up and helped me to keep going. Now 3 years have passed since I first talked to her, and EVERYTHING she said/saw makes sense now. Everything was true! The outcome she saw since the first time I talked to her, it is the reality I am leaving now, the nightmare is over, I am happy again! Listen to her, trust the message MaryJane and her cards are delivering to you, but the most important thing is to be patient and trust the process. My dear MaryJane, there will never be words that can express how grateful I feel for having the opportunity to “meet” you and connect with you, thank you for your prayers, for always being so caring, but most of all thank you for always delivering your message with so much love! You have a place in my heart.

Carlitos 10/29/2023 stars Phone Reading

Love her, love her energy. Though contact prediction did not happen as she saw (timewise) I am confident it will happen shortly. I will certainly call her back for more insight!

SearchforLOVE 10/25/2023 stars Phone Reading

Outstanding. Thank you

User99 10/24/2023 stars Phone Reading

Always thorough & precise! Thanks for always bringing so much extra to the readings!!!

Carlitos 10/21/2023 stars Phone Reading

I am speechless...thank you thank you thank you. I took me almost a year to finally connect with her and I am so grateful I was finally able to speak with her. I could listen to her forever. She connected and dove right in, pulled out stuff I did not need to ask about. I could not take notes fast enough. I finally feel at peace and so confident about what is to come and I will certainly try to connect with her again real soon!! Thank you MJ!! You are amazing. I will update when predicts are happenng.

Love117 10/15/2023 stars Phone Reading

I really feel at peace and content when i speak to Maryjane. She mentioned things I never told her about and she understand my feelings. Thank you Maryjane.

Dinkydo94 10/14/2023 stars Phone Reading

MJ is the best on here hands down. It’s been one month today since our last reading and she picked up on all details. Absolutely amazing how she can continue to do this. This lady has kept me sane during the most traumatic months of my life. Thank you so very much!!

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11MasterManifestor11 10/12/2023 stars Phone Reading

MaryJane instantly connected after I stated love, romance and relationship. Mj described my journey as it was currently, as if she was there. Literally like a instant download! Mj offered some valuable insight and described what’s actually happening and ultimately what’s going to happen and when.