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Psychic Amy x7886 stars Phone Reading

As always , I enjoyed speaking with Amy. Love when it’s been a month or so and I call in and she remembers me. Messages always resonate, and she most definitely helps me stay aligned. Ty Amy, it’s been a process with my career, POI, and I’m enjoying the ride.


Psychic Delfina x9724 stars Phone Reading

I really enjoyed my session with Delfina. Her messages resonated with me on many levels, and I look forward to her predictions. She was funny, engaging and easy to talk with.


Psychic Barbara x7866 stars Phone Reading

Enjoyed my session with Barbara. I had the opportunity of speaking with her about my POI. She reassured me that our connection wasn’t something just in my head, and gave me a wonderful tips about how I could manifest my desired outcome quicker. Will take your advice and keep you updated. Ty


Psychic Holly x9605 stars Phone Reading

Had another exceptional reading with Holly. It’s refreshing that she remembers me when I call and is very personable every time we speak. Looking forward to those good things to come, and will check in next month. Thank you Holly.


Psychic Bridgette x8133 stars Phone Reading

I enjoyed my session with Bridgette, I only really asked two specific questions POI and Career, and both received favorable outcomes/ insights. Timeline wasn’t mentioned, just outcome; however, I’m ok with that. Her many reviews about predictions coming true is enough for me. I look forward to checking in next month with her if I feel the need. Thank you Bridgette. Thank you for those lovely compliments and using your gifts to help keep my motivated, and knowing I’m manifesting my desired ends.


Psychic Janax x7750 stars Phone Reading

I’ll rate honestly, when I spoke with her almost two months ago, she gave me the most amazing insight. My last reading with her was like having dejavu, she utilized the same sentences, and everything was as if she was reading a script. I wasn’t sure what to think of it so I ended the call. I feel really sad because I felt she was sincere when we first spoke, just wasn’t sure what was up with our second session. Rating is based upon first reading.


Psychic Holly x9605 stars Phone Reading

Always a pleasure when I have the opportunity to speak with Holly. Holly picks up swiftly with every session I have with her. My energy doesn’t feel so impulsive now. I am learning to detach and allow the Universe to yield me my desire. I already have it. Thank you Holly, and I look forward to speaking with you next month.


Psychic Amy x7886 stars Phone Reading

Amy, it’s always a pleasure when I have the opportunity to speak with you. I felt inclined to give you a call yesterday and I’m glad I did. Your message really resonated with me regarding both my POI and career. Looking forward towards your predictions, and yes, I AM a powerful manifestor. Talk with you soon, peace, love and blessings to you.


Psychic Holly x9605 stars Phone Reading

This was my second reading that I had completed with Holly and I really enjoyed it. I want to honestly thank you for being real with me, and helping me along my path regarding my twin flame connection. The Universe/ Source/ God are all miraculous. Holly has a unique way of explaining what’s going on, and everything she has said really resonated with me, even when she mentioned a fear of mines. My unraveling is something that I’ve never ever experienced before, and Holly is a great guide that keeps me leveled. Thank you.


Psychic Ruby x4812 stars Phone Reading

Interesting reading… I had sometime to think about my reading with Ruby, and I came to the conclusion that she did exactly what she was supposed to do. The call brought forth lessons that I’ve learned from the past. Tidbits that used to triggered me, information that would make my old self second guess self. After the call, I realized that I had already learned those lessons and they didn’t trigger me because I already know the outcome. Life is indeed interesting, fulfilling and when you get quiet and just be, the answers come to you. I have this feeling that spirit just wanted her to listen, because spirit knew that once I listened to myself and the words that I was saying, I already had my answers. Thank you for not saying much because your silence enabled me to truly listen. I was able to really grasp my journey so far and know without a shadow of doubt that I will have my desired outcome. We are powerful, we are all connected. While I would have preferred more dialogue from you during our call, I choose to believe that’s how spirit wanted it.