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Psychic Madeline x7336

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Featured Review RMG675 11/16/2019 stars Phone Reading

First time speaking with Madeline, all I can say is that she is AMAZING! She read me like a book, without me even saying a word. She is truly gifted, she is very calm and soothing when she does her readings. I will definitely be calling her again. Thank you Madeline!

Jacqui29 12/28/2019 stars Phone Reading

Good reading - favorited

Jacqui29 12/28/2019 stars Phone Reading


nileshbh 12/21/2019 stars Phone Reading

She is great!!

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0987654321 12/20/2019 stars Phone Reading

(1/14/2020) Everything she has ever seen or predicted has occurred. At one point I was insecure about a medical exam that I needed to take for licensure and she said not to worry; I'd pass and things would go very smoothly. She was correct on all levels. We all like examples so here's another: another advisor said I would be back together with my poi and we would be living together in January. Madeline said "ah no, not at all". Haven't heard a peep from the poi. Clearly Madeline was right again. Another example: correctly described a coworker "walking down the hall as if she owned the hospital".... So correct it was uncanny. There are no yes or no answers with her. She backs up what she says with what she sees and over time she has been the one to be correct.

PinkFish 12/18/2019 stars Phone Reading

She didn’t tell much of anything that was accurate,

Sunshine42 12/7/2019 stars Phone Reading

Amazing! Read the situation with clarity and gave me valuable guidance. I will call again!

0987654321 12/5/2019 stars Phone Reading

She reads me well and my poi. She is the only one who said he sees me as a friend and she is the only one who has been right.

King06 11/24/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you!!

0987654321 11/18/2019 stars Phone Reading

Again she sees things completely different than other advisors and so far she has been the only one who has proven to be correct. Others say poi will do what it takes to pursue me and even though he said "I just want to be friends", they continue to feed into "oh he will change that". Not Madeline. She is right when she said "he said that because he means it". She is someone I trust with all my heart. I will continue to be forever grateful for her wisdom and guidance.