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Featured Review cicelylauter 7/23/2021 stars Phone Reading

What a truly remarkable psychic to communicate with as always right on the messages and with understanding and professional tact and guidance. A wonderful person to talk with ~ Thank You Very Much..

llllllll 11/19/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Madeline, my bf and I will be and thank you so much for that

Gen9292 11/16/2023 stars Phone Reading

Do you see him proposing to me or truly love me ? Wasn’t able to ask you

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Asha12 11/15/2023 stars Phone Reading

Picked up on things that i never told her Definitely has a gift She says shes not great with timing but overall was a really good reading

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Shelbyk8 10/22/2023 stars Phone Reading

My first reading with her and I was amazed She was completely accurate in my poi. Even said a phrase he said. I didn’t tell her. Described accurately post and current yes. I appreciate you Madeline so much. Thank you. For helping me get some peace of mind. Your amazing

dawnleeche99 10/8/2023 stars Phone Reading

stated what top advisors have also stated, picked up on my emotions without me having to tell her. I was very vague and she was still able to tell me what's going on and how the other person feels. will call again to clarify some things as I ran out of time

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mvc365 9/9/2023 stars Phone Reading

My reading was full of information that is very accurate at describing people and situations. She has so much to share that it’s almost like your question gets lost in the mix of it all haha. So you might have to circle back again if you want a direct answer, but everything she has said is so spot on and insightful and much more than I’ve had in other readings. Truly appreciate her and her style and will definitely be calling back. She’s a true professional.

Realdeal81 9/8/2023 stars Phone Reading

She really did see through the people and situations and she was honest. She could pick up on personalities strong without leading. I will call again.

chricy 8/31/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Madeline

chricy 8/25/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Madeline