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Psychic John x8318 stars Phone Reading

Good connection, predicted I will get the job. Waiting for prediction to unfold. Thank you John.


Psychic Aviva x3276 stars Phone Reading

Good connection and great empathetic qualities. Aviva is always accurate, warm and wonderful. Waiting for predictions to unfold. Thank you as always. x


Psychic Pippa x4679 stars Chat Reading

So, so caring and understanding. Warmed the cockles of my heart and lifted me to great heights. Great connection and a lovely, lovely person. Thank you Pippa. x


Psychic Sofia x7965 stars Phone Reading

A clear, steady voice with a good ability to listen and give me a chance to speak. Sofia brought me peace and comfort. I enjoyed the reading. Thank you. xx


Psychic Carter x4665 stars Chat Reading

Straight forward and to the point. No waffling or sugar coating, yet kind. Thanks Carter.


Psychic Michele x3520 stars Phone Reading

Accurate and detailed. Empowered me in a big way. Thank you Michele.


Psychic Michele x3520 stars Phone Reading

Phenomenal and accurate reader! Empowered me and made me realise the advantage I have over a very tricky and complex situation. Tuned in well to people involved in my life. Thank you so much, Michele. xxx


Psychic Carter x4665 stars Chat Reading

Sounds confident with his predictions though some parts seem unreasonable. Time will tell. Thank you


Psychic Valerie x3601 stars Chat Reading

Prediction of getting a particular job did not happen which makes me wonder on the accuracy of her other predictions. A nice person.


Psychic Layla x3614 stars Phone Reading

I did not get the job as predicted. However was caring and comforted me when I was down due to another reason.