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Psychic Christopher x3373

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Featured Review angelicuhz 10/21/2019 stars Chat Reading

Amazing...I said nothing for the most part and he just knew.

angelal339 10/21/2019 stars Phone Reading

I’m somewhat at a loss for words; and, anyone who knows me knows that doesn’t happen often. Lol ... that said, not only do you have an amazing gift Chris; but, your personality was one I just clicked with. You brought me solace, and laughter all in one call. Thank you for everything, I truly appreciate it. I only wish I could’ve thanked you again while you were still on the line. Take care ...

Jacqui29 10/20/2019 stars Phone Reading

Great reading! Detailed thoughts, feelings of POI

MAE619 10/19/2019 stars Chat Reading

Very helpful

juliane8282 10/19/2019 stars Phone Reading

He’s 100% amazing

Richard0674 10/18/2019 stars Phone Reading

I can't express all my gratitude to you. Without your guidance my life wouldn't be the same. Thanks to you every day I am closer and closer to have my beloved Yeh with me forever. I hope I can continue counting on you up to the end of this love story. God put you in my way to guide for my darkest hours and to face this challenge that you and me knew since the beginning that it will never be easy. Thank you so much.

juliane8282 10/17/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thanks so much you truly have a amazing gift.

Me9099 10/17/2019 stars Phone Reading

Professional, Detailed & Understanding!!!

coachpolo 10/16/2019 stars Chat Reading

Very in tune with his spirit guides and will process accurate information quickly to you. He tells it like it is and has been spot on with my POI from the beginning. Have a good timeline and I hope to be back with updates and the next steps in the coming month. I chose Chris based on his amazing reviews and accurate predictions.

Richard0674 10/15/2019 stars Phone Reading

Christopher, no words can't express my gratitude. You have been all this time with me lighting my path to save my beloved Yeh from the destruction of the human traffic. And finally thanks to you , she is closer and closer to me and our happiness in America. Thank you so much.