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Featured Review Positivethoughts21 5/25/2020 stars Phone Reading

OUTSTANDING TRULY like speaking to a sister. Thankyou so much! Your truly a blessing to me. Accuracy and able to give advice to remedy situations. Many blessings to you

Traveler 8/1/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Pearl, I'm very grateful for your excellent reading. Please take good care

roselle12 7/31/2020 stars Phone Reading

So great on point

MJOoooo 7/26/2020 stars Phone Reading

Very caring and loving when she speaks to you. Also extremely accurate!!

Amie13 7/26/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much for helping me to see what I was having a hard time seeing! :)

Gmayra29 7/25/2020 stars Phone Reading

She was on point. Explained everything well, also calmed me down.

Anetsela 7/23/2020 stars Phone Reading

Pearl picked up on my situation right away, and was able to give me further insights and confirmation on what I was feeling. She assured me that I did the right thing.. I appreciate her honesty, because I when I get a read, I want to be told what I need to hear, even if it's difficult to swallow.

maxeter 7/21/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for listening to me. Made me feel a lot better with the situation.....

Ms. Sugar1 7/19/2020 stars Phone Reading

Not a good read.

Britt424 7/16/2020 stars Phone Reading

Some of the things she stated resonated for sure . Contact did not happen as predicted but my poi is on vacation so that’s fine . The issue is , I asked was this a guys trip . She stated he was traveling with a women but nothing romantic so it could be a close friend or relative. She said we got the queen of coins upside down so she believed the women would be paying for trip. However , just as I felt this was 100% a guys trip . He did not travel with a women of any sort . However the guys do treat my poi like their nephew ( there is a big age gap) and maybe they paid for some stuff on the trip for him . Not sure but no women .