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Psychic Pearl x7638

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Featured Review vissepod 5/22/2021 stars Phone Reading

I love reading with Pearl! She is straight to the point and clear about her messages. She gave me clarity of mind.

3525142384 7/1/2021 stars Phone Reading

She was Super nice but my reading was of the obvious ! Like you can go to my profile and know these things ! Nothing spectacular! Amazing woman tho.

aviation 6/11/2021 stars Phone Reading

Accurate and funny

chrissy17 6/9/2021 stars Phone Reading

Not connected during this reading. What she saw with poi doesnt align with who he is.

aviation 5/30/2021 stars Phone Reading

Very technical and accurate! Very good reading.

Monbon4400 5/30/2021 stars Phone Reading

She understood that I don't fit " normal " and was able to show me if I'm happy thats what matters and every moment counts and just to trust myself and live my life as I want. She gave me peace of mind. Thank you for that

CBrown22 5/28/2021 stars Phone Reading

Huge skeptic here. Pearl did really well. She really seems to be connecting. There is not anything specific that jumps out at me. I can only say that I truly felt she connected with my inner spirit and my situation in a way that felt honest. I am certain that if we had more time we could have delved deeper with much success. I will come back to Pearl again.

stardbeach9 5/15/2021 stars Phone Reading

Although it took her a moment to tune in. She was accurate and picked up on something I did not even mention to her. So I like that. I like her. Great value. Her price is very good. I like her perspective. Possitive. She is truly gifted. I will use again.

JamieT 5/12/2021 stars Phone Reading

She’s so kind and on point! As she’s talking I’m thinking in my head “how does she know this stuff. Very accurate readings! 10/10

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ketogirl 5/8/2021 stars Phone Reading

Has a reader myself. It’s hard to read myself. I can read the situation and person but she could’ve a response and not say the question is “hard to ask” she said “I don’t want you to feel frustrated from this reading” I am not with the reading but how she delivers it I am concerned how she was giving out a message. Her energy needs to be cleared before a reading.