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Psychic Amora x4762

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Featured Review Lespritlibre8 4/13/2023 stars Phone Reading

(This review is long over-due)… Listening to Amora’s guidance has paid off in dividends! There is only one time I didn’t take her advice and it blew up in my face. So when she tells you something, LISTEN! When Amora and I speak, I feel like I’m talking to my favorite aunt. She is warm, caring, and understanding – BUT a straight-shooter and tells you want you NEED to know, not what you want to hear. She has taught me many valuable lessons in our short time working together, but the most valuable is “emotional generosity” even when I don’t feel that my POI deserves it! Amora’s gift is truly heaven-sent!

Amora replied...

Hi "Ms. Silver Fox"! I appreciate your kind words; however YOU have done the hard work! It is heartening to hear that you follow up in action, and that things turn for the BETTER! Many blessings and best wishes to you!

Amysheart 9/19/2023 stars Phone Reading

Amora is amazing again. She sees hears and feels things that I am asking about and always does so with a lot of love. Yesterday, she again saw my love coming in and saw my hand on his back in an affectionate way with beautiful colors abound. I hope that my next conversation will see us together this fall in a pumpkin patch or corn maize. lol. Diving timing. Amora also asked about two people who had been in my life and one of them, a current friend, called me last night. Wowsers. I hope you are feeling better today. Xoxo

Amora replied...

Hi A, I was amazed at the swirling energetic colors present when talking to you recently. The colors corresponded with you and your soul mate's connections....your minds and spirit are in sync.....Now, to pull it all together! Blessings!

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LEENHAFEZ 9/12/2023 stars Chat Reading

Amora knew exactly how I felt and knew where I was comming from . she really tapped into my emotional needs and was hearing my worries with open ears and gave me answers to questions I needed to be answered. Amora , I have talked to her and asked her if what happened when she was younger was true and she said it wasnt . I am thinking there might have been more of an abuse and hitting than something else... thank you for listening to me Amora

Amora replied...

Blessings, dear L. I'm glad you and your loved one are working things through. Make sure that you both take measures to protect yourselves from harm. Best wishes!

Amysheart 9/10/2023 stars Phone Reading

A million stars for the amazing AMORA. Call her! She has been my lens and guiding earth Angel to support me over the last two years. She gets “touched” , sees, and hears my guides with God’s voice to steer me on this voyage. I just pray and hope that God will not just bring the love of my life together at the same place with physical proximity but will literally push each of us into same space at the same time… let’s meet… lol. I am so grateful for Amora. Xoxo

Amora replied...

Hi dearest A. You've certainly been patient and have been exercising faith. I feel that you'll reap great rewards! (Wish we could, as mere humans, manipulate time. So far, that's beyond our reach!) :) Blessings, dear one!

Manifestinglove 9/9/2023 stars Phone Reading

She was correct about poi returning and us talking out what was issue.

Amora replied...

Hi L, I'm so glad I could help. I feel certain that you both can talk out issues. Blessings!

AE2902 9/4/2023 stars Phone Reading

Always uplifting to talk to Amoria! Thank you, Amoria for putting me at ease!

Amora replied...

Hi A, I'm always happy to look at work for you....(sometimes we needs eyes to looks beyond what's around us!) Things will improve the second half of this year! Blessings and best wishes!

SuzyIW 8/26/2023 stars Chat Reading

Wow. Wow. WOW. That is all I can say. Amora is insightful, amazingly insightful. Communicative, caring and deeply perceptive. Amora is probably the most impressive and helpful person I have dealt with here. I give her the highest recommendation! She is awesome.

Amora replied...

Hi S, thank you for your wonderful feedback! When we 'get into the weeds' with work, we can dissect it piece by piece, tackling each part. It's not big when we have tiny pieces lying the table. Best wishes to you in this position! Keep your vibration high, and allow good things to come! Blessings!

myoccm1 8/21/2023 stars Phone Reading

Spot on insight

Amora replied...

Hi M! Thank you for your feedback! Remember that 'rescuing' is good when there's reciprocal energy. Blessings!

Lespritlibre8 8/10/2023 stars Phone Reading

I could not have gotten through the last several months with without your keen insight, spiritual gift, and kindness! I've grown so much since we've started working together!

Amora replied...

Hi Ms. SilverFox! ;) Thank you for your kind words. You're learning to 'trust your spidey senses', which are very in tune! I'm glad I can be here to help you to discern what they mean, and to give a back ground picture on what is going on around you. Very best regards and blessings to you!

Amysheart 8/10/2023 stars Phone Reading

My words can never express how beautiful Amora truly is and how amazingly loving and accurate her sessions with you TRULY and Divinely are blessed. Amora has been with me on this soul journey… and as she reads from Creator, her ability to describe my “blanket” connection to this incredible soul partner of mine is breathtakingly beautiful… I am so incredibly grateful for Amora’s visions and my beautifully orchestrated “imminent” start of out divinely guided meeting with this amazing man … I am giddy. Much love and light to Amora. Xoxo

Amora replied...

Hi A. I've never seen such an 'energy overlap', as I have with you....One energy completely blanketing another. This will be VERY interesting as it plays out! Thank you for giving me the privilege of 'digging deeply' for you! Warmest regards!