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AE2902 2/1/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Amora, for the wonderful reading! I appreciate your insights and I will let you know how everything works out for me that you saw.

Amora replied...

Hi A, I thank you for calling so we can look into those career possibilities! You reached all your goals, so I'd love to hear how things work out. Blessings!

Lila1986 1/31/2023 stars Chat Reading

Amazing! am speechless! Thank you!

Amora replied...

Hi L! I am so excited for you and your career! The world really needs you now; be brave as you strike out on this new venture! Blessings!

jumpinghorses1 1/29/2023 stars Phone Reading

Absolutely what I needed to confirm. Wonderful support and to the point reading.. love Amora.

Amora replied...

Hi, thank you for your kind words. Beautiful new changes are coming your way after this unexpected reset! Down time is always for a reason. Blessings!

JoK155 1/25/2023 stars Phone Reading

I really liked Amora’s energy. She was able to connect to my ancestors and reminded me that they are always behind me. She has given me comfort and confidence in the path I have chosen for myself. Amora, please know I appreciate you.

Amora replied...

Hi J, it was a real pleasure to read for you! Supportive loved ones are everywhere around you, especially your mom! :) Blessings.

Amysheart 1/20/2023 stars Phone Reading

A million stars for Amora. She has guided me and shown me so many beautiful things that she sees and hears from Creator. My guides and creator are get active during our sessions as she will feel “touched” and “hear” what they are sharing with her. Amora then shares in a very detailed way, what she has received in my energy. Lately; she describes the same drawing from God, the clothing that this new soul mate is wearing, his work, home and dog info. She can, at times, feel his heart and be able to report the kid of man that he is re work, home, and love - what he is also looking for. And what I need to work on as god is providing me with the love and life I am supposedTo have. Seasonal timeframes are discussed when available. What amazes me is that God shows her/tells her things like “I promise I will bring this” and she reports the lessons o need to learn or just to enjoy the moment and have faith. She is spot on. I know this amazing man is coming. I feel him and see synchronies , Angel signs, and get glimpses as to the beautiful life that I gave ahead very, very soon. I have been being the best me and my energy is doing the happy dance. Can’t wait for this beautiful love filled new chapter with this man of my dreams and the best new me. You will be very blessed to talk with Amora. I know I truly am. And I am grateful! Xo

Amora replied...

Thank you for your kind words dear A! Your open mind and heart are manifesting a beautiful future; keep up the great spiritual work, and hold yourself in joy! Blessings!

AE2902 1/10/2023 stars Phone Reading

I was so happy to talk to Amoria! Her readings are accurate and she definitely can pick upon the situation. Thank you Amoria for your excellent reading!

Amora replied...

Hi it was so good to read for you for the new year, A! Your enthusiasm will help your career fall into place. Let's win that trip! Blessings!

Amysheart 1/10/2023 stars Phone Reading

A million stars as always. Amora is the most solid, wise, accurate and loving woman and friend. Amora, I finally got the peacock feather visual. I am thinking of a flower w the petals going from center to the top and back down and around. Indeed beautiful… or a Spirograph! Lol. Funny, you have talked about the kinda sorta in and outs (point to point and back to center and circling around) before. Feels like two hearts connected in the center. Geez… my anticipation and heart space is so open to receive…can’t wait. The world and my world is better with you in it.

Amora replied...

Dearest A, you described it exactly as I had seen it (like Creator showed me!) Yes, we have to wait for His timing, but beautiful things are coming. Stay in that wonderful space to RECEIVE! Blessings!

cuboid 1/7/2023 stars Phone Reading

Fast and accurate.

Amora replied...

Hi , I'm glad I was able to help! I'm here when you need me. Blessings!

Amysheart 1/1/2023 stars Phone Reading

Amora, Happy NEW Year, dear friend. It is an honor to have you in my life and may all great things be present starting with your smile and pure heart this year. As for me…golden retrievers, sail boats, mountains, smiles and true love OH MY! I very much deserve the love…I am loving my “new” life with joy and super duper Excitement for meeting this new soul mate …I am so fortunate and grateful! Blessings. Xo. Amy

Amora replied...

Hi A, it IS a New Year, filled with gifts and blessings! May all the best come to you, dear friend. You deserve it! Hugs!

11MasterManifestor11 12/29/2022 stars Phone Reading

I thank you for your guidance. The more I release fear, I know POI will mirror and do the same. There is something about love that moves mountains. There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear. Love is Love, and Love will always win.

Amora replied...

Hi M, I love reading for you and your beautiful energy! Yes, you really understand how we are energetic beings. Stay the course, my friend, and await blessings to flow now in 2023. All the best for a beautiful New Year!