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Featured Review KatieDidit 5/2/2021 stars Phone Reading

This was my first reading with Denise. Our rating window is too short to see if her predictions were accurate, but her responses to my questions seemed to fit well. I'm not sure of her reads re timing, but some can and others cannot get good reads on timing. I do know that she was quick, provided a lot of info without wasting my money, and overall was a good match. I will use again, frequently, especially if her predictions come true.

Sunnier 12/30/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Denise. With your background i realized.., perfect person to help with that q. Thank you for all you do, in Jesus name.

Nayk1534 12/29/2022 stars Phone Reading

Denise is wonderful. We were able to connect and I have a clearer understanding of exactly what’s going in my situation. No judgement. She’s very honest and has a sweet voice that comes with it. She told me some predictions so we will see. Thanks Denise’ talk to you soon.

customer(s) found the following review helpful

Senorita1 12/28/2022 stars Phone Reading

I really did like Denise because she is nice and is priced fairly. However as someone who struggles with anxiety, she uses key words that really mess with my head , leaves the answers open for example, she says if you keep fighting things fall apart faster.. I said does that mean they fall apart eventually, she says that’s up to you. I get we create our life and circumstances but when someone calls psychic source they want a psychic reading to calm their anxiety and get predictions and not make them worse off than when we called in the first place. That’s just how anxiety works for some people, certain key words can trigger you to go to a dark space mentally and you try to figure out how to make something happen and it drives you mad. If we create our life, then give positive responses if you to help us manifest that. that will leave the caller more hopeful. Her response made me feel anxious and when I asked her to clarify, her response was kind of rude SO 1 more time.. fighting causes a this, not fighting caused that, pretty sure you don’t need to be psychic to figure that out. I said can you check.. she goes AND AGAIN.. you choose. So I just disconnected as I felt like it was a bother to her to continue to ask for clarification. I don’t want to go to the negative , no one does, but our mind is deep and it goes places where we don’t want it to. So please be more gentle with your responses, I use this service to provide me hope, answers, and peace of mind. I did not get that in our reading and spent hours tossing and turning trying to dissect your words. We make things happen based on what you say. Please try a better delivery for your anxious clients.

aliadara420 12/22/2022 stars Phone Reading

Very off.

Dreams 12/15/2022 stars Phone Reading

Amazing reading

katbrown64 12/5/2022 stars Phone Reading

Denise was wonderful, peaceful and calming. She helped me quite a bit regarding family at Christmas, and opened my mind to new things coming in through 2026. I will be using that rosary as well Denise!

LongTimeCustomer 11/25/2022 stars Phone Reading

Denise, with her unique psychic sense and her knowledge of the secular world, was able to give me insights into a charity volunteer related problem I am dealing with.

Dove87 11/21/2022 stars Phone Reading

Awesome perspective and feedback in areas I wished to explore as well as gain insight!

p0t4t0 11/5/2022 stars Phone Reading

nice and compassionate