Guide To Crystal Healing

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What Is Crystal Healing?

People have used crystals as a source of natural healing power for centuries. Quartz crystals have been used for thousands of years as a metaphysical tool. In ancient cultures, crystals were used in death rituals and in pyramids to attract spirits and light to the afterlife. For centuries crystal water was used in healing ceremonies and even used as a beverage, drunk for its healing powers. Holy men would soak a crystal overnight in water to make crystal water.

In Tibet and China it has long been believed that crystals are a reflection of the elements (wind, water, fire, earth, and metal). Feng Shui teaches that every living thing is made up of Chi, the positive life source energy. The natural spiritual energy of crystals are used in Feng Shui to amplify and balance Chi’s flow through a home or space. Placing crystals in strategic locations in a room encourages the Chi to flow in harmony.

Available Energy Healing Experts

Crystals are powerful healing tools on their own, but their properties can be even more impactful when a professional healer puts them to use for energy healing. Experience it for yourself by getting a reading with one of our trusted healing advisors.

Depending on the crystal's overall structure and properties, it may provide you with exactly the natural healing you need. Each crystal has a unique internal structure that impacts how the stone resonates, the kind of energy that it attracts, and the way it clears negativity, by either repelling or absorbing it. The clarity and transparency of many crystals makes them very powerful transmitters and receivers of elemental energy. The healing properties of various types, shapes, and colors of crystals are numerous. These unique properties create a specific frequency that gives crystals their ability to heal.

What Are the Benefits of Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing provides many physical and mental health benefits, and can be used as a way to attract positive forces into your life.

Use Crystals to Promote Health and Well-Being

The most popular way of using crystals is to promote health and well-being. Indeed, crystals have always been the most powerful tool in vibrational medicine. When you apply crystals to various areas of the body, they contribute to a gentle, non-invasive healing process. They also aid in restoring your body's stability and balance, along with working to encourage your body's natural healing mechanisms.

If you're having problems sleeping, for example, crystals can help depending on the reasons behind your sleeplessness. If nightmares are keeping you awake, you can place a crystal at the foot of your bed to encourage a peaceful sleep or to chase away negative thoughts. Another option is to place chosen crystal under your pillow at night, the premise being that during sleep the body and mind are more restful, and able to accept the influence of the crystal’s healing energy more readily.

Use Crystals to Attract Love and Abundance

Another way that crystals can promote healing is as an aide aid in attracting love to your life and keeping your current relationship healthy. If you're looking to bring health and happiness into your home, placing certain crystals around the house can help clear negative energy and provide a calming feeling of grounding and peace. Citrine is a popular crystal to use because it attracts wealth. It's also popular because it doesn't absorb negative energy so it never needs cleansing. If you want to promote love in your home, you can either place rose quartz in the southwest corner of your house or place a bowl of rose quartz in your bedroom. Not only are crystals good for promoting happiness around your home, you can also use them around your workplace to clear your mind and decrease confusion.

Ways to use Crystals for Energy Healing

So how do crystals actually help and heal individuals? The gemstones themselves have the ability to actually conduct energy. Plus, each particular stone has its own unique energy which contributes to the healing process. If you need more convincing, think for a moment about the contribution crystals make in every flat-screen tv, quartz clock, cell phone or computer. Transfer that idea to a more personal level where crystals are applied directly on the skin of an individual. Now you will clearly see the impact crystals can have on energy. Crystals can calm nerves, improve confidence, and open up clear lines of communication. Whether you want to help your personal life or your professional life, the right crystals can promote the positive feelings you need.

  • Crystal Healing for the Chakras

    Today’s energy healers use multiple types of crystals in their work. These gemstones are chosen for their particular qualities and coloring. The crystals are placed on the chakras, (also known as vortices or energy centers) of the body. Chakras are connected by meridians of life energy, or chi that flow through the body. Certain stones are chosen by skilled healers, to correspond with the particular imbalance reported by the client. Working with their clients, a healer will decide which crystal will be placed where.

    Chakra Colors Crystals
    First, or Root Chakra Black, brown, or deep red Tiger Eye, Jasper, Clear Crystal, Tourmaline
    Second, or Sacral Chakra Red or orange Ruby, Red Coral, Garnet, Fire Opal
    Third, or Solar Plexus Chakra Gold or yellow Citrine, Calcite, Topaz, Rose Quartz, Malachite
    Fourth, or Heart Chakra Green or pink Jade, Rhodochrosite, Esmerald, Pink Jade, Rose Quartz
    Fifth, or Throat Chakra Blue/green, light blue Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Sodalite, Aquamarine
    Sixth, or Third Eye Chakra Indigo or deep purple Amethyst, Flourite, Blue Tiger Eye, Sapphire, Lapiz Lazuli
    Seventh, or Crown Chakra Light purple, white, or clear Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl, Diamond
  • Crystals as Healing Amulets

    Another type of healing involves wearing gemstones as jewelry directly on the body. Each gemstone carries specific energetic healing which corresponds to an individual’s aura. Many are familiar with amulets, and when a stone is chosen as such, its main function is to protect the body, and repel negativity.

    Depending on your needs, stones elected for a healing should be carefully chosen to heal, repel negative energy (including dis-ease), or amplify positive energy.

  • Crystals in Meditation

    Yet another form of crystal healing involves a person holding a crystal in their left hand while meditating. Meditation, like sleep, is a point at which the body and mind are calmed and therefore more susceptible to a crystal’s healing influence. Adding crystals to your meditation practice can amplify the effects of your meditation and help you reach a deeper level of peace. Some report a tingling sensation while doing this exercise, while others feel a calmness overtaking them. Here are some tips for getting started with crystal meditation.

    1. Select your crystals.

      You can use crystals for specific purposes. Smokey quartz, for example, can help balance sexual energies, while green tourmaline offers balance when dealing with emotional change. There’s more to choosing a crystal than its accepted use, though. It’s important that you use your intuition, too. Try holding different crystals in the store to see which one speaks to you. The color of a crystal will give you an insight into what it can be used for because color is a good indication of the level of vibration of the crystal. The crystal's vibration helps to bring it into alignment with the diseased area so that they both vibrate simultaneously and bring harmony. You might also choose to ask a live psychic which crystals are a good fit for you.

    2. Cleanse your crystals.

      It’s important to cleanse your crystals before you start to use them or after you have used them for a while. Crystal cleansing methods typically include using a crystal singing bowl, soaking in salt water, and visualization, although Native Americans believe that you can naturally cleanse a crystal by rubbing it between the palms of your hands. It’s worth trying various methods to see which gives you the best results.

    3. Choose where to meditate.

      When you have prepared your crystals, the next stage is to choose where you will meditate. You may already have a favorite spot, but if you are meditating for the first time, you’ll need to put some thought into it. Try to find a quiet, comfortable place where others will not disturb you while you are meditating. Some people like to lie down on their bed or sofa, while others prefer to sit on a straight-backed chair.

    4. Start to work with your chosen crystal.

      When you are fully relaxed in your chosen place, hold your crystal in your left hand and notice its every detail. Admire the crystal’s color, shape, and texture, and thank it for coming into your life. From this point, you can go ahead and close your eyes and start to breathe deeply. Keep paying close attention to the crystal in your palm as you enter your meditative state.

    5. Relax and let the crystal do the work.

      While you may not notice anything unusual at first, your goal is to feel the stone’s energy. This may occur in different ways. You may feel the crystal pulsating in your hand, see flashing images in your mind’s eye similar to the way a clairvoyant does, or suddenly gain clarity about a troubling issue in your life. This is the crystal doing its work.

    6. After your meditation

      When you have finished your meditation session, always remember to thank your crystal. This applies whether you feel that you have gained insight during that particular meditation or not. You will then need to pay some attention to how you want to store your crystal. Some people advocate placing crystals inside a special box. Others prefer to have them on display or on their person. Experiment to see which approach works for you.

      Introducing crystals to your meditations can help you to take the practice far beyond what you may have believed possible. Why not try it today?

Getting a Crystal Healing

So are you ready to get a crystal healing, or do healing on yourself? Clearly there are benefits from both processes. In the beginning, it is probably better to seek out a professional healer, an empath who is practiced in the art.

In this way, you will get most benefit from having precious stones chosen by an experienced empathy. plus, you will gain the advantage of having the healer’s energies mingled with that of the energy in the crystals to form a precious, almost laser thrust of energy.

Once you have experienced the energies this way, you can try cleansing, programming and directing the crystals energies yourself. As you grow in crystal lore, you will be able to intuitively choose the correct crystal for your needs. This works especially well with jewelry and meditation practices. Of course, having a complete crystal healing with stones laid on your body requires another person being involved.

One note: when choosing a healer of any type, it is best to let your intuition guide you, that feeling in your lower stomach, aka, solar plexis. If you are drawn toward the person, feel an affinity, go ahead. If not, simply walk away.

We live in a new age where eastern and western medicine combine, rather than conflict, coming together to illuminate and enhance the human condition. Whether you wear, carry, or undergo a complete crystal healing, changes have been reported that include a lessening of both acute and chronic illness, mental anxiety, and other emotional traumas.

How to Heal Yourself with Crystals

Since the time of ancient civilizations, people have used crystals to release physical, spiritual, and mental blockages. Crystals boost the free flow of energy through your body. Which gemstone is most likely to impact your overall health? To determine which stones are right for you, read through the following list of ailments and aids.

  • For Headache Relief

    Amethyst and amber are two types of crystals used to treat any pain in or around the head. Place these stones near your head to feel improvement. Lapis lazuli crystals have also shown to be effective at treating migraines in some people.

  • For When You Can't Focus

    A variety of crystals can help to improve your concentration and focus. These are ideal for use when studying or needing to better your focus within your daily life. Common healing crystals for this include quartz, which many people believe improves mental clarity. To encourage healthy brain function, fluorite serves as the ideal choice. Sodalite works well alongside fluorite and can improve communication skills.

  • For Better Sleep

    If you struggle with sleeplessness, crystals can help. Rose quartz, for example, can ease the tension and worry that could be causing your lack of ability to sleep. If you struggle to calm your mind prior to bedtime, try placing citrine or amethyst by your bed. This can help to soothe you and help you get to sleep.

  • For Increased Energy

    A lack of energy serves as the root cause of many bodily ailments. When you feel that you can't function to the best of your ability, try using red or yellow crystals. These work to stimulate your mind and body. Hold a clear quartz crystal with the point upwards. This can give you a boost of energy.

  • For Creative Expression

    The stunning blue sapphire should be the choice for those who are looking for amplified creative expression. The stones can also aid in meditation and peace and can have a calming effect, which allows a person to bring out their highest levels of creativity. Blue sapphire is beneficial in personal expression as well. Artists or people who need to delve into their creative selves can benefit by surrounding themselves with blue sapphire. Many people who work in creative industries wear sapphire daily to bring out the best in their minds and creative processes.

  • For Courage

    If you are in a tough situation and need extra courage, aquamarine or amethyst are the right gemstones for you. Both gemstones can give someone courage during a particularly rough time in their life. Aquamarine is also known for releasing fears, relaxing a person, and providing mental clarity. Amethyst can aid a person in balance and inner strength as well. These gemstones give you the strength to take on tough situations, and make tough decisions along the way.

  • For Amplified Energy and Concentration

    Most people turn to coffee or tea when they need a quick pick-me-up, but crystals can help with both energy and concentration. If you need energy, concentration, and a clear mind, surround yourself with quartz. If you want to increase or stimulate your memory, citrine and amber work for that as well. If you are a student, fluorite can help balance your brain hemispheres making it easier to study. Amethyst not only gives you courage, but it can also help increase brain transmissions making it easier to think through a problem or issue with a clear mind.

  • Heal the Mind

    If you need to release negative energy and heal your mind, turn to green jade, rose quartz or opal. Green jade boasts the ability to focus and heal the mind. Rose quartz is known for detoxifying the mind and cleansing negative energy and thoughts. Opal helps with emotional stability as well. Some people set up healing patterns with these different crystals during an especially difficult period in their life. Others choose to wear these crystals to always make sure that they have a clear, healthy mind.

How to Choose the Best Crystal for You!

While you will almost certainly benefit from crystal healing in any capacity, some types of gemstones are better than others for different healing purposes.

Most Effective and Powerful Healing Crystals

We are naturally receptive to vibrations of crystals as they reflect, transmit, and receive energy. Placing crystals on your body has a powerful vibratory effect that moves from the crystal to you, healing in various ways.

  • Amethyst

    If you're searching for a natural way to relieve stress, look to the amethyst crystal. This crystal encourages your inner strength. In the process of working with this crystal you can also develop a strong business sense and even wealth. Amethyst is great for fostering clarity of mind, which helps you tune in to your feelings. It repels negative energy while attracting positive energy.

  • Bloodstone

    Valued for thousands of years, bloodstone is a powerful healing stone. Its healing energy helps to detoxify and purify your body, and it helps cleanse you of negative energy by keeping you grounded. At the same time, this stone boosts strength and overall energy, which gives your body a constant and balanced energy flow. Consider using this stone if you're an athlete or have a job that involves significant physical activity.

  • Chrysocolla

    When you're experiencing a transition, Chrysocolla can have a great positive impact. This peaceful stone will calm and soothe you in periods of high stress. By gently drawing off all kinds of negative energies, this stone helps you get through transitions like job changes or breakups. It's also great for everyday challenges, bringing you self-awareness and inner balance. Chrysocolla also connects with your Throat Chakra, which helps create a flow of words to better express yourself.

  • Peridot

    Peridot is another useful crystal in trying times. Valued for centuries as a healing stone, Peridot carries a positive energy as a high-vibrational Heart Chakra crystal. Talk to a psychic if you're in the midst of a traumatic emotional experience to learn how to use Peridot to bring out happiness, light, and unconditional love.

  • Rhodochrosite

    Another powerful Heart Chakra stone, Rhodochrosite boosts feelings of self-worth, self-love, and self-esteem. It's a strong crystal with the power for emotional healing. It vibrates with love's energy, encouraging you to love yourself to reach happiness. This crystal gives you courage to face things that you might have previously been afraid to face.

  • Selenite

    Selenite is the perfect crystal for all kinds of energy clearing. It clears, shields, and protects your energy body and unblocks stagnant or negative energy for a smooth positive energy flow. Selenite also magnifies the energy of other crystals you place on it, which makes it ideal for recharging your healing crystals.

  • Clear Quartz

    Clear Quartz is a stone of manifestation that energizes and activates the energy centers within the body. It helps the wearer to think clearly, allowing them to focus and become clear about their dreams and desires. Assisting with spiritual development, Clear Quartz assists in removing blockages in the body so that energy can flow smoothly.

Crystals to Bring Calm Amidst the Chaos

Crystals are a great way to bring ease and peace of mind into your life. Crystals can gently soothe and put you back on track by bringing your entire being back into balance and harmony. Crystals are a holistic approach that helps facilitate total healing of mind, body, and soul.

When choosing crystals, focus on what it is you really need help with and you'll be drawn to the crystals that work best for you. Hold, carry, or wear your preferred crystal, or keep it next to your bed to promote restful sleep. Incorporate using calming crystals while practicing other stress-relieving practices such as mindful meditation to bring peace. These stones are best for soothing stress, enhancing sleep, and squashing worry.

  • Tiger's Eye

    Tiger's Eye is the best crystal for stress because it works on multiple levels. It is an earthy crystal and is known to be grounding and steadying. Tiger's Eye helps to ease the stress of the adrenal gland, soothe the immune system, and calm one's nerves. It is also helpful for gaining back one's confidence. It is a good "main" crystal for fighting stress.

  • Smithsonite

    Smithsonite is a "comforter" stone and is helpful to keep nearby if you suffer from stress-related anxiety or panic attacks. Try sleeping with it under your pillow to promote calm and restful sleep. Smithsonite can help to ease the symptoms of stress and calm your fears.

  • Rose Quartz

    Rose quartz is often called the "love stone" and has a high energy vibration that can promote love in any situation. This includes love of the self, lowering stress, and soothing those who are around the stone. This crystal will open your heart so you're ready to receive love. You'll also gain a love of the self, certainly an attractive quality for any potential mate. Emotionally, this stone is helpful in relieving stress, balancing emotions, and bringing peace and calm.  Rose Quartz can even be used to help manifest and supercharge love in your life, explore more in this helpful Rose Quartz Guided Meditation.

  • Amber

    Amber provides a soothing, light energy that is both calming and energizing. It is used to aid in cleansing its environment by drawing out negativity. Amber is used to bring purification, patience, balance, healing, and calm to those who wear or carry it.

Crystals to Attract Love Into Your Life

If you're looking for love, you know how difficult it often is to find the perfect mate. Bringing crystals into your life can make a huge difference, and an authentic psychic can provide further insight into what crystals do. These crystals build positive energy and attract love to you. By pushing away negative energies and memories, boosting personal confidence, and attracting luck and love, these crystals will help you find a mate for life.

  • Malachite

    If you've been hurt in love before, you may have trouble remaining open to new love. Malachite is great in this regard. It quickly clears painful memories to rid you of heartache. This paves the way for new love to come into your life, and it may just be a lifelong mate.

  • Rhodonite

    Rhodonite helps in a similar way. As the Stone of Forgiveness, Rhodonite encourages you to release pain of a past relationship by giving you an attitude of forgiveness and love. Cleansing you of regret, hurt, and bitterness, the pink and black stone reminds you that love is painful while opening you to the power of new love.

  • Morganite

    This crystal will help attract your mate to your life. Once the love is there, Morganite also helps support and grow this love. It promotes loving thoughts and actions, which then cuts down stress and allows you to enjoy your life.

  • Green Aventurine

    Looking to build on your confidence and luck? Green Aventurine is the perfect crystal for the task. It's known as the Stone of Love and Luck, and as a result, you'll increase your luck at pulling in new love when you carry it with you. You'll also grow your confidence, making you even more attractive to a mate.

  • Citrine

    In order to find the best mate for you, it's important that you first are confident in yourself. Citrine helps you to feel empowered and sure of yourself. With your newfound confidence and joy, you'll pull great people into your life. This Success Stone increases your personal power and enhances your success in everything, including love.

  • Larimar

    When you're ready to find your soulmate, Larimar is the stone for you. This crystal attracts a soul mate to you. At the same time, it spills out peace and love and boosts communication in relationships, helping you to nurture your love once you have found it.

How to Care for Your Crystals

Crystals are believed to attach themselves to the energy of the person that owns them and the environment where they sit. It’s very important to clean your crystals at least once a month with sea salt and spring water. About a teaspoon of salt to every three ounces of water is required. It’s also recommended that—in order to remove negative energy and recharge the healing powers—crystals be charged outdoors during a full moon.

Here's how to keep your crystals working as they should.

  • How to Clean Crystals

    Whether you have just brought a new crystal home or your existing crystals are looking grubby, you should take some time to help them look their best. Some people use salt water or gentle dish soap while others are content to rinse them under a hot tap. The most important thing is to clean crystals gently and avoid harsh scouring pads which may scratch the crystal's surface. You can dry your crystals with any soft cloth, although a jeweler's cloth will give an attractive finish.

  • How to Cleanse Crystals

    Cleansing crystals is not the same as cleaning them. Cleaning removes dirt while cleansing removes the negative energies that crystals absorb over time. You should cleanse crystals that come into your possession and then regularly, depending on how much you use them. There are several ways to cleanse crystals, although popular methods include using crystal singing bowls, white light, and smudging. Experiment with crystal cleansing methods to find one that suits you.

  • How to Charge Crystals

    Now that you have cleaned and cleansed your crystals, you'll need to charge them. Some people refer to this aspect of crystal care as re-energizing. One way to charge crystals is to place them in the path of sunlight and moonlight for up to seven days. You can also bury crystals to allow the earth's magnetic field to draw out any negativity. If you're in a rush to use your crystal, you can place it on top of a larger quartz crystal for two hours and get the same result.

  • How to Program Crystals

    Your crystals are now ready for programming (their instructions). Most crystal users simply sit quietly with their crystal and focus on a specific energy, but you can also write your wishes on a piece of paper and then place your crystal on top of the paper to absorb your thought energy. You might also try the circular breath meditation technique to program your crystals with your desired instructions.

  • How to Store Crystals

    There is no universally agreed way to store crystals, so how you do so is a matter of personal choice. You might not even put them away at all, in favor of displaying them around your home, or you might choose to carry them on your person. If you do want to store them away, try to wrap them in natural fabrics such as cotton or silk.

Following these tips will help you enjoy your crystals and get the most benefit from them. It takes just a little effort to keep crystals at their best, but the rewards for doing so are enormous.

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