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Powerful Questions to Ask a Psychic

Date 4/17/2024
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The most successful psychic readings start with your questions. What information do you need to ensure that you leave the reading with the clarity and answers you need? As you dive into questions concerning love, career, loss, you may want to keep the following tips in mind.

Be direct

If you have questions about your love life, ask what the psychic is picking up about your relationship. If you have concerns about your job, ask the psychic if they can tell you more about your current work situation or career prospects. If you’re wondering what you can do to change your life, ask! Asking direct questions gives the psychic a way to focus on the topic of greatest interest and concern.

Ask open-ended questions

This is perhaps the single most important piece of advice on questions to ask a psychic. An open question invites your Advisor into a deeper conversation without biasing the outcome. A leading question implies an answer you want to hear, and can create a scenario where the psychic picks up on the energy of your emotional desires, potentially influencing the reading.

Avoid yes/no questions

Unless you are at the end of your reading and wrapping up, a yes/no question shortchanges the opportunity to go deeper into the details and nuances of your situation. A better strategy is to start with open-ended questions that enable the psychic to guide you to the shortest path towards success, and then use yes/no questions to wrap up the reading with some specific action steps.

Remember, there is no right or wrong question to ask a psychic, but there are ways to phrase questions that can lead to deeper insight and a more satisfying experience. Check out our infographic with powerful questions to ask about love, career and loss and get started!

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