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Psychic Coventina x4805

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  • Specialties: Love Psychic, Pet Psychic, Psychic Medium
  • Tools: Astrology, Tarot, Numerology
  • Reading Style: Wise

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  • Career & Finances - 24
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 34
  • Loss & Grieving - 24
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 63

More About Coventina

Years of Experience: 37

As a medium and clairvoyant intuitive guide, I use a wide array of psychic gifts and divination tools during your reading. My goal is to help you understand the underlying situation first, then the people involved, and finally the likely direction and purpose of change. In this way you will gain the deepest understanding of that which brings forward your destiny.

My intuitive and psychic gifts include clairvoyance, clairaudience, and medium abilities. I can help you investigate your destiny, connect with loved ones who have passed over, and investigate any love and career challenges. I work with a group of spiritual guides that help guide my readings. They will speak to you through me about your situation. My tools include tarot cards, shamanic oracles like runes, animal totem guides, and specialized oracle decks that have been infused with the wisdom of my guides over many years. I will be using all these tools for your benefit during my sessions with you. If you feel a special bond or attraction to any of these tools, please let me know.

My abilities and tools help YOU discover your soul's Intentions and very often a new perspective about your questions and challenges.

I come to Psychic Source through my own destiny path having come into this lifetime through an ancient matriarchal line of seers from Ireland and Scotland. Many of my aunties and both of my grandmothers were seers. I am a direct descendent of the Scottish Clan Crawford from whom many famous historic warriors emerged.

I have been developing my inherited psychic gifts since my teenage years when I first acknowledged to myself that I had the ability to 'see' and to 'know' spontaneously.

Words of Wisdom

Coventina was the Goddess of Alchemy. She helped souls connect with and bring forward their destiny. Your Life Path & Soul Destiny are always unfolding in divine timing for your highest good because YOU are an expression of Source Energy.

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86 reviews since Aug 2021

Lookupon 2/3/2023 stars Phone Reading

It was a pleasure speaking with you today and it was awesome to get confirmation on a subject so dear to my heart. It was a pleasure. Thank you.

LaceyT17 2/2/2023 stars Phone Reading

She is amazing. I cannot wait to be in touch again. She told me everything and more, that I knew needed clarification in certain areas of my life, my path, and my future. A sense of purpose and peace for this empath. I am forever grateful! Thank you again, Coventina!

greatlove 2/1/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you. After you said what you said, the electricity flicked off and my phone went dead. Good reading, as usual.

CaseyC 1/29/2023 stars Phone Reading

My favorite advisor, really helping me get through a though time

CaseyC 1/27/2023 stars Phone Reading

I will be calling back.

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