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Soul Contracts and the Akashic Records Explained by Psychic Amy

Date 8/15/2023
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Psychic Amy talks about soul connections and how accessing Akashic Records can help you understand them better.

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By Psychic Amy x7886

Many of us ask ourselves why is there such a strong connection with a certain individual or individuals. Why is it hard to break that connection? Or why am I attracting a certain type of individuals in my life over and over again? Why do I have particular karma with this person or group of individuals? To answer those questions, we must go into the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are a universal library of where our lives past, present and future are stored.  It is also a blueprint of our lives and soul’s purpose. In the bible it is referred to as the “Book of Life.”  

I was once shown the Akashic records. You can liken it to a huge library which houses an infinite number of books. The vision I received was of a huge circular building with shelves upon shelves going up and up. I saw the books were brown and some were extremely thick. I then had the privilege of seeing my book of life or Akashic record. Mine was a large book! I could see in this book this would be my last lifetime. Of course, it could change since we all have free will! 

The Akashic records are protected by a group called the “guardians.” The guardians protect each individual book. In order to ask permission to have your record opened, you need to consult the keepers. The keepers are different than the guardians as the keepers are the entities who protect everyone’s record. 

Your particular Akashic record holds “soul contracts.” Soul contracts are with certain individuals such as mates, parents, siblings, families, friends, etc. You may feel a strong connection with one parent while the other parent you don’t. The parent you have a stronger connection is the one you have a soul contract with. You don’t really have soul contracts with everyone you met in this lifetime. So, the strong connection with the boyfriend you can’t seem to shake may also be a soul contract. Sometimes we outgrow these contracts. In the legal field, a contract can be nulled and voided after it has expired. It is the same thing with soul contracts. A soul contract can be null and void after the lesson or the karma has been outlived its usefulness.  

Of course, not all soul contracts are bad. Quite the contrary. It could your best friend in high school who is here to be your biggest supporter. Or maybe your grandmother was like your best friend and was able to help you deal with the karma of abusive family or mates.

So, when you have that connection you can’t seem to shake, it is good ask the keepers of your Akashic records why you are going through this particular karma or lesson you are experiencing now.  

There are a few ways to deal with this…you can summon your Akashic records guardian and ask them to open your record for this particular lifetime. You can do this before you go to bed because dreamtime are one of those times you are more open. Another way is to consult a psychic and/or healer. I believe psychics access some of the information we are currently during a reader from the Akashic records.  

It was my honor to inform you about the Akashic records, soul contracts, soul connections, and karma. So next time you can’t shake an individual or situation, a soul contract may be to blame.

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