Connecting with those Who Have Passed by Psychic Gwendolyn

Published Date 10/26/2016
Category: Loss & Grieving

Receiving messages from Spirit is not an exact science.

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Connecting with those who have passed is a big one for me personally.  A topic I have deep respect for, and a process I honor.  For as many people as there are that do this, there are as many different processes that people use to connect. Some people get images, some use Tarot, others want some information, and yet others want and need none. Let’s walk through this issue and reflect on it together.

A Matter of Trust
In general, please know that if an advisor connects with those who have passed, in ALL cases they open themselves to the process of an unfamiliar energy having access to them to some extent. It is, energetically, a process of trust. 

I will pause here for a moment and say that sometimes a psychic will simply not be able to connect to a specific person.  When this happens, it pains me greatly since I KNOW each caller is very hopeful that they would be able to connect with their particular loved ones. But this is not a science. I can call a friend all day with no guarantee that they will pick up or respond, and in some cases, that is what may happen when it comes to a psychic connection too.  

We, as advisors, take this very seriously and want nothing more than to give comfort to those who have lost someone dear to them. For me personally, I like to know who I am trying to connect with and I will ask “yes or no” questions to make sure I am connecting with the correct person. I do not put a vibration out there of “calling any and all spirits.” This is energetically dangerous. I like to know who or what I am dealing with, and then send a message of love, light and invitation to that specific spirit. Many times they respond. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t. In all cases your deceased loved one is there, there is just not a guarantee that an advisor will be able to connect to that energy.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All
In every single case, know that the advisor will do their best to connect and give you messages from the people you care about. If that doesn’t happen, be open to contacting another advisor and work with them and experience their process. This is in no way a “one size fits all” kind of experience. Having said that, you deserve to connect with those you have lost and who are still there and care deeply for you. Find the perfect advisor for you and explore this with them. I can guarantee they care deeply, and are willing and motivated to help you have the best experience possible!

Best wishes in your future inquiries in this area. It is my firm belief that you are surrounded by spirit and love and that there are messages for you just waiting to be given. 

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IamEternal: Gwendolyn was highly intuitive and sensitive to my spiritual needs. She was able to bring me messages from my mother, grandmother, grandfather and even an old friend from high school. These messages were brought to me at a time in my life when I absolutely needed to hear them. Thank you Gwendolyn for accepting these spiritual energies on my behalf!

MikeC1967: Gwendolyn has a true gift. One size may not fit all, but she was the exact person to put me in contact with my late Father. She was able to see a symbol meaning he was near me and for the entire day everywhere I looked objects or paintings of that symbol followed me. I treasured his time on this Earth and knowing he is still the same after passing over brought me such inner peace.

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